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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Dear UN

 Regarding AI Boards Advising Guterres

In 2016 September at UN Jim Yong Kim at year one review of sdg4 education led a group who said many countries cannot achieve this unless tech and edu end silos and ground last mile action learning in line with fazle abed 80th (Dhaka) and 65th (Valley staged by Gates & Jobs families) birthday celebrations of bottom billion women empowerment. The next day Kim joined UNCTAD meeting and this connected GENEVA ITU. Within a year both Melinda Gates & Fei-Fei Li were involved and within 2 years UN2.0 gravitated around AI for Good and 8 subsystems uncluding change how intelligence education spends evert youth/student time and every teacher/elder time.

Given the SDGs have not settled funding conflicts with eg hundred trillion dollar pension fund that still classifies sdg investments as not asset grade - celebrating leaps in good intelligence was only trustworthy chance of sdgs being real instead of greenwashing. Given that Melonda Gates and Nvidia were also earliest funders of Li's AI-4-all, it seems a critical missed opportunity that UN no longer values good AI as best chance for all its goals. Fortunately King Charles AI World Series  is showing how Intelligence and Queens English LLM are integral. Is there some reason why there is no UN SDG LLM? chris macrae bethesda +1 240 316 8157 Von Neumann Alumni Diaries since 1971

Saturday, June 15, 2024


 Dear Bill Miller

My father Norman Macrae started Economist Journalist notes on expectations of Neumann Einstein Turing in 1951;
(dad also became biographer of Von Neumann).

Some of these became relevant to Prince Charles and Royal Society research as early as 1964  with Prince's representation of UK at Tokyo Olympics;  he invited  Sony's Akio Morita to make Japans first investments in Europe; today one of Europe's largest AI business parks is the Crown Estate in Cambridge; Demis Hassabis first trip to Valley was sponsored by Gatsby the UK Royal Society of Neuroscience; Charles closely supports BBC Nature with the Royal Geographic Society; So when Charles helped launch the Turing  AI World series it has a particular intent to make sure Kings English language modeling and Commonwealth Data Sovereignty are championed/aligned with SDGs The King delivers a virtual address at the AI Safety Summit 2023

 From 1983 i joined father in notes we called 2025 report; I am particularly interested in 20 NAIRRS that have emerged since Fei-Fei Li and King Charles and Nvidia's Jensen Huang  have been converging sustaiablr solutions - as i expect you know  US NAIRR emerged from 2018 c-span briefing of congress by Fei-Fei Li and is the subject of her women empowerment by tech book published by Melinda Gates "Worlds I See" ; last moth Melinda Gates announced 12 billion dollars of extra funds much of which is likely to be connected with womens intelligence and sdg development.

Chris Macrae Postgrad Diploma Statistics, DAMTP, Cambridge, Corpus Christi
Bethesda +1 240 316 8157 

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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