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Saturday, June 15, 2024


 Dear Bill Miller

My father Norman Macrae started Economist Journalist notes on expectations of Neumann Einstein Turing in 1951;
(dad also became biographer of Von Neumann).

Some of these became relevant to Prince Charles and Royal Society research as early as 1964  with Prince's representation of UK at Tokyo Olympics;  he invited  Sony's Akio Morita to make Japans first investments in Europe; today one of Europe's largest AI business parks is the Crown Estate in Cambridge; Demis Hassabis first trip to Valley was sponsored by Gatsby the UK Royal Society of Neuroscience; Charles closely supports BBC Nature with the Royal Geographic Society; So when Charles helped launch the Turing  AI World series it has a particular intent to make sure Kings English language modeling and Commonwealth Data Sovereignty are championed/aligned with SDGs The King delivers a virtual address at the AI Safety Summit 2023

 From 1983 i joined father in notes we called 2025 report; I am particularly interested in 20 NAIRRS that have emerged since Fei-Fei Li and King Charles and Nvidia's Jensen Huang  have been converging sustaiablr solutions - as i expect you know  US NAIRR emerged from 2018 c-span briefing of congress by Fei-Fei Li and is the subject of her women empowerment by tech book published by Melinda Gates "Worlds I See" ; last moth Melinda Gates announced 12 billion dollars of extra funds much of which is likely to be connected with womens intelligence and sdg development.

Chris Macrae Postgrad Diploma Statistics, DAMTP, Cambridge, Corpus Christi
Bethesda +1 240 316 8157 

Friday, April 12, 2024

How superchats saved the peoples Good news from the first year of worldwide play with chats is people at any gps can now see whats urgently most wrong- does a poor Asian rice farmer have the wrong seed?.A dismal free market crisis if so??

 60 years ago TKT Tokyo-Korea-Taiwan started applying Borlaug crop science to rice (this idaho lad's mexico labs had begun with wheat but virally webbing his brain probably prevented starvation of poorest quarter of humans as world tried to recover from world war 2

 No seed is more adaptable than rice to how much water's in the paddy; how much salinity to cope with and many other of nature's or man-made variables. Today over a million rice seeds are catalogued (a good job for AI) and as The Economist Asia Rising (2/3 humans) survey of 1977 published - local farmers produce can vary by a factor of up to 100. Any place that doesn't make its number 1 food an open public app isn't likely to be livable in let alone to help millennial half of our race with system deeper challenges like climate relocation. Last year under Ajay Banga, the world bank twinned its overall raison d'etre to ending extreme poverty and helping peoples celebrate livable planet everywhere.


"Moore" click part 2 of this post

- open source is difficult in crediting who helped who celebrate what first - we welcome feedback; also if you examine one of out numbered cases eg400 and see conflicts we havent yet seen please email me - all errors are entirely mine and diarists who have corresponded around my family since Von Neumann first trained dad in 1951 and Economist editor Geoffrey Crowther first asked dad Norman to open source development economics maps

Emergent 1000 Rock Star Human Intelligences Version April 2024
423 Siemens Healthineers

Sneak preview 450 David Chu- Nvidia Spatial & VR (metaverse soc5.0?)

Some highlights from above tableau that help us sleep tight at night 401 Priscilla Chan  & 402 Mona Flores;  424.1
Kimberly Powell Nvidia VP Lifesciences

400 Jensen's company Nvidia had been making GPUs for games players- a different computer architecture than those that had taken over office world. He was a few miles down the road from the rumor that Standord's Fei-Fei Li (100) was testing the greatest learning game ever played. When her annual world championships of people training computer brains broke through in 2012; he decided to bet the company on designing million times lower cost for playing game of training computer brains.  As people started buying his unique machines he and 405 melinda gates sponsored fei-fei li NGO AI4all (its priority to help girls do great stuff with intelligence although in 2018 Li realised she better testify at congress to
12 years later he's likely to know more about who's testing what on biggest superchips (2g 220 billion transistor blackwell ) than anyone. So seeing who he features at 5 day conference GTC2024 with about 10000 paid delegates and a million virtual onlookers seems timely
If there is a next generation of billionnaire families who cares about women ending poverty as much as melinda gates , we'd start with the childrens doctor who married Mark Zuckenberg and works almost within walking distance of Fei-Fei Li- ie 401 Priscilla Chan CZI team leader of womens biolabs (100+ across valley and childrens doctor her first love since arriving as Vietnam immigrant); in April's catalogue we try to id which Nvidia employee (eg 402 Maria Global Med Ai)  serves which of Jensen's picks for AIVeryGood now that Machine trained Brains are entering their teenage years thanks to Li & Friends AI4ALL


Tuesday, April 2, 2024


"Moore" from part 1 of April's Update to 1000 Human intelligences

Fortunately those who learn with Bangladesh girls since 1972 can see that market channels retail, wholeseale, knowhow all need to be transparent bottom-up at least on those foods that determine hunger or starvation or climate sustainability. OK ever since my Glasgow compatriots 1760 invented engines there has been a exponentially rising Artificial conflict - do superpowerful policy makers prioritise feeding engines or  feeding humans (water for drinking or polluting,,,).

 Actually that conflict could have ended if as eg Nixon in 1970s had succeeded in ending usa dependence on carbon fuels which whilst conveneint multiply polution costs and now ever more weather crsises.

Enter another bot that the last decade of a kmillion times less cost for training computers is celebrating ; the most local weather alerts. Just as Taiwan becme the epicentre of borlaub crop scientits for vilagers, taiwan americans have partnered with the nation of taiwan and the weather comany to co-pilot how digital modles can soon alert any school kid with much more timely critical weather alerts. Nvidia's Jensen Huang and Taiwan partners hopes to show this app becomes just as popular at tik tok , at which stage they will happily open source their models where places want weather alerts democratised. Omce personal computing ai has shown teens what next day intel their community needs most we willalso have another deep data to integrate einstein maths which since 1905 has shown nature plays chaotic games mapping far more data than humans can govern - eneter the best purpose of autonomous served markets

Of course persdonal learning agents both for kids and tecahers are the ultimate test of whether humansd are going to celebrate engineers and investirs who make helps us make milennials the first renewable generation. In March 2024 Nvidia asked corporate partners in about 30 trillion dolar sectirs to pitch what they aim to do first with AI.Nows the time to see if any market that impacts your life is being led by a partnershoip network celebarting the dee[pest purpose that market can unite mother earth and our human species around

WEare developing a catalogue of first 1000 good human intelligences who seem to be democratising AIverygood. We welcome your correspondent verifications. Currently we are cross checking AI good in 4 ways:

is it chaning education disciplines if so at what age group is first action change needed

how does this fit with king charles and 100 commonwealth royal societies celebrations of ai

how soes ths fit with whats being done on the biggest suprcompying platforms such as nvidia's 220 billion transistor chip blackwell recently extending the range from 80 billion chip grace hopper

how does this match games ai such as hassabis whic is picking up where Neumann-Einstein-Turing left off in 1957; quite why its taken so long to recgnise that analytically computer brains can assist in some real time intel humans cant model deep enough 24/7 is a bit of a mystery but thats no reason to let your places policy makers wine about the most exciting time to be alive and democatise tech, and how your life's time and data is spent

Monday, April 1, 2024

here are some of top 100 corporate (big investors) partnership ai presentations made nvidia gtc 2024 san jose April 2024


Deep Mind: Hassabis 

foxconn  Mastercard       microsoft

hewlett packard   databricks


blackrock   BMW BNP


some videos with Jensen Huang

 first some rumors is google gemini due to appear on Apple mobile in time for xmas 2024


corporate/partner presentations at NVIDIA GTC 2024

 accenture adept adobe alibaba cloud 

amazon argonne ansys 

March 2024
, Head of Product Research, Anthropic (and Claude3)
We'll discuss the impact GenAI is driving today, how Anthropic is making progress in these areas as a foundation model company, and how practitioners can deploy AI with increased performance and reliability.

  anthropic anyscale autodesk baidu 


blackrock   BMW BNP bostondynamics bristol myers squibb 

cadence canonical  canva capitalone CZI CleanML Cohere   coreweave continental databricks data dog       data iku   data loop  data robot ddn deepgram  deere

dell deloitte 

disney domino ebay iielevenlabs equinix exxon mobil ford fosterpartners foxconn GE gettyimage genentech gigabyte google glean goldmansachs gsk   hexagon honeywell HP    hugging face IBM  imbue jlr john deere Johnson&johnson JPMorgan kawasaki kpf KT lambda langchain lenovo lightning linkedin  lockheed llamaindex loeal losalamoslab lowes mastercard  mathworks mercedes merch metaAI medtronic microsoft mestralAI mitre modula mozilla  LangleyRC netapp nersc netl  netflix nist northrop grumman ntt openai  oracle orange paypal   pegatron perplexity petrobas photoroom pingan  pinterest pixar qct raytheon  recursion redhat run:ai runway sap samsung saudiaramco. servicenow shell shutterstock siemens  snapchat snowflake softbank stellan  toonine togetherAI tencent unilever uber ups uspto.   verizon vmware weka wellsfargo

(to recheck

Barbados coplioting where 400 yers of colonial fistracted from places deepest diversity

AI Nations and Sustainable Futures Day
March 2024
, Consul General, Viet Nam Consulate General in San Francisco
, Chief Data Officer, German Federal Chancellery
, Vice President of Worldwide AI Initiatives, NVIDIA
, Co-Founder and CEO, Climasens
, Founder,
, Senior Vice President, Novo Nordisk Foundation
, CEO, cofounder, Bug Mars
, Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
, Global Head of Inception Sustainable Futures Program, NVIDIA
, Executive Managing Director, Extreme Tech Challenge Head of Ecosystem, Extreme Tech Challenge
This summit is a crucible of knowledge for officials, policymakers, and visionaries, offering a mix of in-depth discussions, panels, and live demos designed to enlighten and inspire.

taiwan  korea singapore  hong kong  Africa India

Taiwan copilot worlds safer weather forecasting partners eg weather company and taiwan

March 2024
, Principal Engineer and Scientist, AI-HPC and Engineering Lead, Earth-2, NVIDIA
, Director of Climate Simulation Research, NVIDIA
In July 2023, NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang announced at the Berlin Summit that three technological breakthroughs are needed to achieve Earth Virtualization Engines (EVE): (i) Simulating Earth’s climate at kilometer-scale; (ii) Using AI to