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Tuesday, April 14, 1970

Who's Human Intelligence Who? 400 : 300 200 100


King Charles is best poss AI world series cheerleader because in his teens (Tokyo Olympics 1964), he and Japan Empire family were delighted that tech and food science hag started 5-win trading down the coastal belt Japan Korea Taiwan HK Singapore

Its arguable that since 1960s Taiwan has been best in sharing intel on food, infrastructure, chips and Intelligence.

Today in Chang Yang and Tsais well as Nvidia's genius Huang pretty much all millennial hope of being first renewable gen begins and ends with Taiwanese American interaction around 4 deep learning contexts

education with fei-fei li accepted aa uniquely cooperative centre of gravity

nature's science -hassabis ai for life sciences and climate involve pattern gaming AI

Other trillion dollar sector partnership for good that humans supercomputing can assist (eg see first 100 partners of GTC2024-2020)

Sovereign AI of place - eg Charles can cheer on 20 partners with commonwealth nvidia has convened as well as Barbados co-pilot of this islands first 400 years since English arrived. Its relatively easy to search out how Huang has so special language-geonomic-culture assignments rising across the first 5 Asian countries Charles saw in 1960s with Taiwan naturally taking pride of place.

Monday, April 13, 1970