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Monday, June 20, 2022

questions forgood

 1 Betwen 1758 & 1492 what happened to maths of M: Money & Morals and N:Navigation & Nature? my feeling is newtown & adam smith are worth reading bnut sadly there were a lot of bad traders - eg slaving or genociding

2a so what happened 1865 to 1760 when engineering started up out of glasgow led to power of engines and then electricity and the birty of the telgraph;  well we can see that by 1776 usa repelled the euroepan empires which redoubled efoorts to take over asia and africa with machine power; then electricity introduced a second revoltion - the telegraph as forerunner of all telecommunicatiosn seemd bening - it focused on most iurgent life critical newsd; fortuantely Bern in swizerland becamse the world hub of international telgraph ujion  1865; this wwas trasnfered 1946 ti geneva as swiss branch of the Un and was by now called intenataion tecommunications union; one of the intersting things about this union is its component parties need to colaborate - nobody wanted the wo0rld to have 2 rtelegraph or 2 telephone or two radio or tevision broadcasting systems; so even as we can debate did message on the airwaves change from urgent truthes to bullying people withy PR vested interest miss information - the seeds were there at the ITU to help the rest of the UN if one day oit was decided intel could sustain instaed of end the world - see 2017 transcript fort 49 pages of when Geneva itu asks UN Ny if oit can help support sdgs newtorking bu hmanisting AI for good

Friday, June 17, 2022

Amazing 2 playing pieces of UN are 77 years young

 The world's number 1 debating chamber gifted the United Nations out of New York; the international telecommuting union hubbed out of Geneva

what if the purposes of these 2 pieces is to unite life opportunities of 8 billion humans likely to peak at 10 billion if nuclear, virus or carbon devilry is not to extinguish our species

Let's first clarify the different roles of New York and Geneva - strangely we then need to map why they had never fully supported each other until in year 2/10 UN leader Guterres asked them to - see digital roadmap UN2.0 now in year 5/8 of his leadership responsibility

new york mediates the greatest conflicts;

my father who served as teen navigator allied bomber command burma made this shortlist of United Beings' mediation challenges that Economist-journalists and readers were invited to linkin from 1948.please improve it:

design the future so that never again 2 mad men are ruling on opposite world war sides of 8 most financially powerful nations ie 1945 representing less than one eighth of people but 90%of  monetary currencies ( at world war 2 ,the two lunitics were hitler and stalin; 7 0f the G8 money ruling nations were dominated by white legislatures and faith systems:

two roofs to the world: Stalin's Russia and Canada (storing most of the world's energy)

2 pesky island UK and Japan

4 countries all with capitals north of the tropics where most people live and Japan excepted completely focused on wealth of atlantic trade - in old world europe FIG -France Italy Germany; and new world USA

reboot the 8 most industrialised economies but design media to celebrate every way that old colonial and or armed genocide powers must in mid 20th C give back ( to the 75% of peoples in places that had been left out of using engines 1760-1945 eg no electricity grids and whose natural resources and (sometimes peoples through  slave trade )had been extracted to compound the 8 empires benefits from top down;;indeed the 8 could be mapped in 1945 as leaders of a wider club of just over 20 including another 12 smaller white Euro nations eg Portugal Spain Belgium Netherland Luxembourg Switzerland Austria Sweden Norway Denmark Finland  Hungary (we might include others like Iceland (key arctic circle: include admin of greenland as well as the joint climactic interests in the whole of the arctic) 

with several more keys now that suez canal linked oceans of med to asia pacific Greece Turkey lebanon Israel as well as several then commonwealth territories eg Australia New Zealand and S Africa in South and eg Greenland in North But in total people benefiting

NB while some peoples in above places had progressed up to 200 times beyond susbsistnce level due to macihines started in Glasgow 1760s; at bit=rth of UN this advance was only freeing less than quarter of beings to develop

..having serbed in ww2 dad was fasniated by ny un from the get go- as ateen he was fasnaied by bbc radio (tv) had they served the people in warning aboutb hitler and stalin ahead of time; they cerianly hadnt shared the info he knew by being home schoold until his teens in british emabassies particulary stalin's moscow; by 1951 (coincidentally wjhen i was born) he was seconded by The Econom,sit to New York for a year.....there he met von neumann princeton 1951; von neumann to,kd dad to share the greatest scoop journalists would ever have - what to do with 100 times more digotalisation tech per decade typically comouting (IR3) and telecomputing deep data AI (Ir4)- within 5 years of vo neumanns death dad was please to report connections between princeton , yale first AI lab MIT, digita twin AI lan stanford- and aged 39 in the first anjnhual survey he was permitted to sig- hi tech tokyo and the coming of multi-win trading coastal belths capitals seoul taipei hk singapore; in addition the japanese reported to dad that thanks to borlaug their vilage farmers could ne=ow produce over 5 times more rice than they had previously known- open souring this knowhow would be critoac to all asia rising- youi can see dad's asia survey to 1977 at; youi can see his virtual brainstorming with JFK and Japan here; dad continued to mentor any journalist he could in asking about 100 tiems more decade; he becamse the boiographer of von neumann ; and in his last 7 yeras 33-40 at teh economist he started publishing with methe 2025 report with expoenetial deadlines to youth's sustaimability or extinction

NFT-eds speed & scale: 100 times more efficient university graduation of sustainabilitys lead graduate collabs-john , jeanne can i urgentl,y check with you-does this make sense?- back in 2011 one of my fathers remembrance parties was hosted at japan embassy in bangladesh - the debate how new university including one begun in 2001  billion poorest asian women could research and scale last mile service community solutions that at least 10 million families needed to resolve sdg crises- at ;last mile community service levels-specifically how to train graduates to distribute that solution as well as be successful busiiness people - i believe in the right mindsets eg jeannes nft-eds is whats up - for example there are some solutions that you might start up at a ticket price of 100 dollars per student across 1000 people through virtual delivery platform- the first cohort who go on to also mentor or distribute to others; now of course ticket price and number in first cohort vary - but i also believe the UN needs to search where across all its op branches does it have a goal solution that could fit this model and of course i would prefer you two to be the master curators of all those solutions as well as jeannes pioneering solutions impact on metaverse - flash survey next people to check idea with: if I sent it out to one person this weekend it would be the female =host of 100 ed3 nft producers who's hosting tuesday evening session mile from john in the region of new york that has googles headquarters   - i am putting more of this idea at but that will take the weekend to improve- originally what we discussed in 2011 was supposed to be soros open society foundations contribution out of new yprk state led by musician and vice chancellor leon botstein but it's not happened!- back in bangladesh so far they have added 2 new movements play schools and ultra poor - sadly the 2 biiggest tech ideas the japanese helped brainstorm in 2011 have not yet been linkedin

homepage to june 2022


education's top 100 sustainability solutions

My 50th year as stats guy in Ad & Ai Agency now goes meta across NY HK and 10 supercity united

hi from

breaking news from 71st year that has helped v neumann freinds mentor journalists of futures possible- special thanks to-- friends jeanne and john who made April 2022's Month Open Online Collab meta-out of this world! - advice /feedback welcome! !i want to recontact every media (maths) expert I have ever met and see who agrees that those who design media are (individually, communally, globally) spending humans 3 main resources 1 Time 2 monetary 3 ZIN -its Zin that we now! need 100 ways to celebrate such as 1 jeanne's idea when a great storyteller's character becomes a being or indeed whenever a musician or artist's works coins connections ... 2 why we in 20th C we have designed/engineered stages to be world's number 1 in doing something with a ball or sexual appearance but not yet in being a sustainability worldwide champion; 3 how the UN digitalises in some ways reframes goal 17 to be curating where on metaverse (or a nay teachable moment) sustainability "speed and scale" (to use john doerr /stanford lingo) peoples linkin ; briding divides including hoal 10: of course IN plays on blending artificial and human intel; it plays to what makes you as "in" networker- indeed rising expoenential multipliers of all the positive or negative emotional intels that zzzzzz. OF connecting brings including those of maths chaos theory!!...I dont know if jeanne is happy with zin and zen and zbee being equal gateways to loving connecting humans and nature and mindset of abundant collaboration and conscious leadership --- I realose from 16 trips to bangladesh that a billion asian womens rural empowerment has an interesting 3 part story to tell; 1972 to 1996 it was about person to person villager networking with no electricity no communications tools; then between 1996 and 2001 partners in 3 changes :mobile , solar and new universities helped billion women zin-leapfrog; today that converges on where zbee's metaverse multiplies "integrates" the 6 primary sdg-INS (see also jack sims hubs in singapore) with all the other goals (zINS) -actually to the extent that the UN is number 1 collaboration brand of sustainable species everyone in or partnering UN is spending everyone's time money and zin..!!!.

- most of youth scotland will be be issuing final 38th annual report on 100 education systems that can sustain humanity at youth events with glasgow university union and the 11th year of the adam smith journal of sustainability entrepreneurs -editing in progress below - which means if you linkin a system supporting under 30s as sustainability gen we'd love to hear from you and help cllaboraive scale it- as hg wells said but apparently most topping global decision-making have forgotten - civilisation is race between education and catastrophe-

salut - we value the courage of an undervaccinated naton staging the olympics -tokyo's 1964 oylpics was the best use previously made of satellite bradcasting according to our 50 years of media risk studies also known at as industrial revolution 2 close encounters with von neumann's new worlds destined to reach society5.0 wherever leaders celebrate japans common sense and deep nature/ data connections- we hope we free scots will live up to the paradox of a place not recognised as a nation since 1700s failure to economically engineer the panama canal hosting the committee of the 200 most powetful nations - we look forward to whole truth maps streaming out of we applaud all of these asian countries advances of missing curricula of ai populaces japan korea singapore hk china -we assume ai does exist in taiwan but its hard for us non nations to be seen or heard let alone learned with

38B top of the pops is the fast emerging biles school of mental health partnership- how do we keep advertisers out our associates at worldclassbrands have struggled since 9/11 when purpose of global reconciliation as a peer to peer curriculum from 5th grade up started up round australian doctors without borders, nobel peace laureates, fro 2003 mary robinson irish women empowerment movements soon joined by mandela elders, from 2004 1000 gandians convened at delhi's ymca and parliament squares indira gandhi centre of cultures to find the master-students to choose startup of - help welcome 36th hunicorn playing piece of the games of of abedmooc 38 annual update web linkedin top picks rewired2021 tour 1 tsearch .. t -dubai: december - if you are an alumni of our top 100 picks love to hear your latest collabs

38a when it comes to previously missing curricula - 2nd grade up financial literacy is now enjoyed i 100 countries than to being staeted up by the indian orphanage aflatoun- in spite of the lancets and mrs obama commitments the 11plus peer to peer curricula of girl adolescent health hasnt started scvaling anywhere - michelle you had every chance to keep uniting first ladies -where the .. do you just do it?

1.   in remembrance sorry to hear 38.0 nz's gordon dryden has alzheimers - after meeting us in london 1984 to discuss the 2025 report he pioneered empowering youth by flipping schools with simple ideas like how to use mobile devices so that students became the interviewing journalists and teachers the coaches- a book version of the learning web was bought by 10 million chinese families at the end of the 1990s (english book used to be a free download- if you need it ask me)-ever since china enjoyed the smartest investigative media asking teachers how well are you blending the 3 dimensions of 21st c education- class, virtual, community engagement apprenticeships; its true that the one child policy engaged parental family trees like nowhere else with each family becoming dependent on the smartest 20 something - mathematically half being women china transformed round women empowerment in ways that make the west look wretched - bravo new zealand-oh yes then there were gordon's new year weeks- he took over the local radio to challenge high school teachers/students/parents whats the next billion $ market only new zealand can innovate because we love communities- smart is 38new1 crimson's perturbance of the monopoly harvard administrators of college youth-

also new to us exceptional work 38new2 arzona state president crow has done making arizona in top 3 for understanding ai's role in and arguably the most sdg collaborative- fascinating too is the $1 purchase of a uni in san diego- will this become the model for the best value online uni in the land and can san diego's coast front become a lab for desalination and other solutions arizona desperately needs as a state where lack of water is an urgent green driver- crow appears to have been working away for 2 decades to revolutionise what columbia's earth institute didn't want to be so fast at

also new priscilla's   38new3 - there's a pattern on us west coast - richest men have retarded education for all - their wives have sometimes tried to make up for this none more active than priscilla- one has to wonder if mrs bezos and mrs gates might support the missing college olympics stas need on mental health- our 20 year dialogue on universityofstars hasnt previously gained much traction for reasons that are evident to anyone who knows how antisocial most american media has been since 1963 - demoted subject to explanation non profit edc 800mn$ sale to twou


No alt text provided for this image

we are absolutely questioning how could RICHEST NATIONAL governments treat 21ST C youth as so worthless? - who is going to be the first sdg generation if its not the younge half of the world; then 9/11 tipped superpower madness the wrong way; in our book media should have prepared the majotity of all humans eound uniting agaosnt the greatest risj being discepanies in incokes and expectations of rich and poor nations - having explained the le we use for selecting top 100 -over to you - if our balues correspond to yours whats our biggest omission

our number 1 inspiration for choosing educations 100 are the partners and movemntnts around the 100000 village coaches fazle abed and a billion poorest women hired 1972-2019;

top 100 - 38.64-99 we have redesigned the 36 win-win sustainability networkks of billion women at - there is an education collaboration connected with each mail me if you want to brainstorm any of these 36 deepest directions to education billion poorest women needed to end extra poverty

sustainability generation goal 5 100% livesmatter communities 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6; 4 livelihood edu for all 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 ref Safiqul Islam 3 last mile health services 3.1 3,2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 last mile nutrition 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2,6 banking for all workers 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 

38.44-63 there are now about additional 20 education movements connecting with hong kong billionnaire charles yidan and 38.34-43: 10 with wise first lady of qatar's education laureates, and 38.24-38.33 another 10 each from gordon brown across his un associates networks as well as two hemispheres of the education commission 

38.23 lucknow's city montessori has een pioneering extraordinary education for over 6 decades - latest news from the foundes daughter - it now only takes 10 hours to end adult illiteracy - sequenced over 40 by 15 minute sessions -see youtube globaldream

i have spent most of my life collecting data on what asian societies needed including 10 years spent contributing to mit's first database on that; i feel i am weak in understanding latin amerca but thankful that fazle abed embedded brazilian paulo freire and franscican values in every dynamic of last mile services to villagers; i would love better info on africa- although this continent was first to popularise new universities as a mandela legacy project with nearly 20 years momentum that seems to have waned

africa - wise lauteate ashesi university in ghana continues mission to unite new uni round the question- what willedu africa need to look like with doubling pop by 2050? ; celbrating wise and yidan laureate camfed million teacher network built out of 30 years of secondary scholarships; there's the brilliant bridges international; looking at where jack ma helped train un selection of hundreds of edutech wizards acros africa; personal bias to audrey cheng's moringa- she was much the most exciting education under 25 to present coding schools at world bank but not sure of latest state of kenya; wondering what africa's biggest corporation will do in education- an otherwise onscure s african company took a 10% share in ten cent in its early days

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will education prevent or cause extinction? .. as appreciation of man and machine intel (aka ai labs neumanns stanford-mit since 1961) reach critical stages of von neumann's 100 times more per decade gift- offers co-creative space between now and community's great come backs from covid eg NY UNGA76 sept, Glasgow Cop26 nov, asia's 3 most exciting edu summits December :Dubai-rewired2021, Qatar WISE_WISH: Hong Kong worldwide luminaries of Childhood & Yidan & Abed & Oxbridge & Camstan & ..#AIforgood Geneva UN and new champions + davos agenda jan 2022

welcome to our 37th annual update of 1984's 2025 report and dedicated in humanity's last chance year 2021-2 to maths co-creative genius von-neumann whose diaries clarified politically-hacked economists were not einstein-deep systems scientists & would cause extinction of millennials unless replaced by valuers of borderless human interactions and love - see my family's bio of jvn in english or japanese

help celebrate education's 100 most collaborative have we missed any? rsvp - related: hardest question ever asked to man who built network of 100000 personal trainers for billion village women to end poverty

37.0 pure innovation - end adult illiteracy in under 30 hours -emerging story kids at the world's largest school lucknow city montessori asked whether the could pilot ending adult illiteracy during a summer vocation -the consequence - ninety daily 20 minute practice sessions to end illiteracy- about 500000 proofs so far - contact sunita gandhi global dream project partnerships or india literacy board or its boston associate -gandhi was arguably greatest education revolutionary to work for a decade as young professional at wolfensohn's world bank

-over in london my family's always had a curious relationship with what's the purpose of the lse - does economics mediate what futures humans want or lock in generations to some old scribbler?- anyway, on the assumption that brexit and sdgs decade means britains future from 2020 gravitates round transparently repairing every border crisis the empire 1760-1945 viciously spiralled around the two thirds of humans who are asian, i would gladly follow alumni of keyu jin potentially as exciting a rockstar as stanford's fei-fei li Day 1: Lecture on Stats and Probability - for transparency sake i note grandfather sir ken's last job was writing up india's independence after quarter of a century of dialogues with gandhi-montessori so i do not claim to know what biases i maintain as follower of adam smith, james wilson and maynard keynes - do you know which system thinkers bias you may have?

legend * since 2002 - start of new university

*berners-lee 1 torvaulds 1

* edutech/ai top 20 fei-fei li t (stanford, google,, ; zhau un #aiforgood, tallinn future of life t , weforum t board member ai kay firth butterfield, singapore, korea, japan masa son, hong kong yidan, NY Yann Lecun, MIT SF sam debrule , sf sam charrington , sv singularity's diamandis, Erik Brynjolfsson stanford-jerry yang prof 1- bridge from mit and osun/new economics, hanson, abbeel , tom gruber siri-& partnership on aihassabis, germany's black :kai-fu lee (google's loss became youth dreams gain when kfl recommended any university city with a future organise ai guided tour - see fazle abed/asian women debate 2011-2019 with asian ambassadors: in mooc why not c for cooperation/collab -wouldnt that help 2020 generation of sdg students celebrate massive open online and urgently connecting human-artificial intel

kenya's moringa coding school for girls - why not your girls futures too? through 2013-17 jy kim hosted annual youth summits at world bank- first time under 35s let alone under 25s had been given a day to entrepreneur at k st- moringa's audrey cheng was the education revolutionary i most remember from this series - were yu there did you have a different memory rsvp

** relevant to life after spring 2020: 30 year delayed start of blended education -we have heard unicef's henrietta fore (eg digital passports), un75 presenters eg dubai al gurg, arizona vc crow, weforum davos agenda commit to bring review of best of first 21 months of simultaneous digital to dubai rewired dec 2021 birth summit and expo - as co-author of 1984's 2025 report i cannot understand why www since 1990 hasnt been part of every teachers practice out of any place that wants to sustain youth

** special award to japan nhk broadcasting for over 10000 on demand 10 minute educational modules- wonder if one day ai could search through broadcast models tagged educational and ...

** x1 hujiang 20000 classroom

**x2 vipkid- jobs fr 50000 american moms tutoring chinese children speaking english -no apologies for any girl empowerment bias: isn't it interesting variant of universityofstars to see what happens when a 15 year old chinese girl leaves school to be mentored by kobe bryant and kai-fu lee

**green majority rising (with most education dominated by places governments- teaching/examination content seldom sustainability-true unless green voters are in a clear and present and future majority)

*Partners/alumni of Lorene Powell Jobs

* new university= celebrates massive collab of youth and teachers in developing sdg's new curricula and sharing with every community; brings every discipline and age grade together - for example early childhood education has leapt forward since 2008 when a new university launched first masters in education; invited every discipline to make a contribution- suddenly stanford psychologists were explaining how total abuse of how brain learns has historically been emedded in western education and must end now id humans are not to become 2nd class robots

suggested compasses of education innovation - year 37 2025 report

*37.01 early childhood partnerships as country to country cooperations started by brac, lego, yidan, world bank- global celebrations of ECP are first new to world innovation 37.10 brac university 2002 37.01 early childhood partnerships as country to country cooperations started by brac, lego, yidan, world bank ; 37.02 alison gopnik berkeley,

*37.1 new university and/or new value chain

*37.10 brac university was born in 2002: what could university multiply as an innovation lab beyond village labs? fazle abed billion poorest women empowerment networks started in bangladesh when the former region ceo for shell oil built 15000 homes for refugees and discovered of the 100000 people- the women had no livielihood futures; after 40 years of designing womens sdgs solutions from 100000 person met village that had been replicated across the 90% rural nation of bangladesh (person to person as there were no electricity grids) and where fortunately bangladesh and poorest chinese village womne shared solutions like there was no tomorrow; when the economist's norman macrae died the japan ambassador invited fazle abed to give a report on how the first 10 years of the new university was connecting the world's largest ngo partnerships and whether fazle abed could invite 100 university's alumni to join in the next 2 decade's last chance to celebrate youth as first sd generation

* 37.11 asian host (yidan) of fazle abed uni squared legacy : in normal years hong kong's favorite billionnaire of education offers quarterly update from all quarters of the globe from an education luminaries panel without equal- here is his opening exhortation

oxford university summer 2021- Charles Yidan

No alt text provided for this image


winter 2020 Gordon Brow UN special envoy global education

No alt text provided for this image

in the footnote of this article - we provide examples of interdicsiplinary exploration of education - for example at oxford sociologist harry daniels is developing excluded lives research on both how many and why people are exluded from school ; english local authorities dont know if its 200,000 or just over 1.1 million ; in scotland the problem may be much less ; its a start to see an english speaking democracy even try to ask these livesmatter questions...260 years on from adam smith's note on how white empire's higher education systems at start of man-machine era designed to devalue youth- THE ECONOMIST 1986

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37.1 new uni two decades on=====================

37.12 schwarzman scholars 37.13 western lead of univerisities of universities sorus osun 37.14 west coast u-squared arizona state 37.15 korean lead of education commission asia 37.16 stackable degrees 37.17 sponsors of zero tuition fee medical schools /nursing colleges 37.18 challenge to all singapore university to maximise ai of gov and deliver free retraining of any tech student customised to next tech or community deep data need and/or worldwide friendship for 37.19 africa collaboratory for new university led by partners of ashesi ghana

37.1bis further partners removing linear education ( stufy until examined on)

secondary scholarship consequenes : at brac, at cafed

37.2 missing curriculum/and/or triple process revolution: experiential in community; virtual; class: 37.21 ai from 3rd grade (both teachers and students) - various approaches which can then be celebrated by un #aiforgood open register 37.22 peer to peer health from pre-adolescence up 37.23 financial literacy 3rd grade up - started indian orphanage 37.24 conscious self some call highest level of emotional iq -it seems this is specific to what your culture lacks in this regard though african youth demonstrated that maharishi works even for those who start with a deeper abuse rating than gi's coming back from afghanistan; parallel stories - during jim kim's world bank national rankings on human capital consciousness were applied to prioritise trust in collaboration research on sdgs; at un 2016 education commission tokyo's mayor testified what changed life/empowerment in secondary school was a course on zen ; 37.25 curriculum of rice -how billion people prevented starvation: efficient local rice production varies at least 10 fold depending on selecting type of rice most aclimatised etc to local diversity 37.26 curriculum of massive behavioral communication- having seen first grade errors made by mpst national leaders regarding covid, and bearing in mind communications is 2nd of four industrial revolutions- irs shocking ho few educators know such simple things as the vampire video effect, the reason why failure to test an important bevaioral message broadcast to millions is foolishness bordering on recklessness; we require people to take a test in driving cars; why not in commanding airwaves before you even consider becoming a servant of democracy

37.3 missing spaces for worldwide sharing without political or cultural censorship by non-sustainable powers : 37.31 yidan worldwide 37.32 wise-beijing 37.33 wise-wish-qatar-edu city 37.4 dubai rewired21:

37.4 womens demands for edu & safety/health/nutrition/servant leaders/finance

from late 1970s- bangladesh and chinese womens training of community-centric health and nutrition services

billion women empowerment catalogung 6 by 6 hunicorns over 50 years of most exreme chsllenges of each of sdg1-5 & all goals - the 36 startup networks proven to be too deeply valuable (in data mapping and action networking) for investrs to exit or politcal parties to quarrel over

=====================in partial memoriam back in 1984 the first person to come and see authors of 2025 report was new zealand gordon dryden - for over 30 years he stimulated a neigborhood of schools to try every innovation as early as possible- classrooms were flipped with students training their teachers in becoming investigative reporters- new year fortnights (which in nz are summer holidays were turned into annual competitions - what can new zealand youth invent as next big market that is diversely different from anywhere else- you used to be able to download the book thelearningweb from wed site but i'm told gordon is now in a nursing home -

one country scored 10 million hits of dryden's book - china - frankly whatever western leaders say about china isnt close to the sustainability issue they leag global connections of- there are no parents in the world who demand education innovation like chinese village women- god bless them -if you want to sample a piece of gordon download issue 1 of glasgow university/adam smith scholars social-business journal of new education economics starterd in 2011 celebrating its 10th year at cop26


testimonies on system crises in education

oxford harry henray, platform yidan european debriefing 2021

Harry Daniels - research stream excluded lives - video at yidan prixe youtube

good afternoon everyone the title of this session is how motivation affects behavior a human-centric approach usually people think about motivation in a sort of positive sense in the way that it improves but i'm also

interested in this forms of motivation that have negative consequences and particularly around the issue of

missing out on education


and the purpose of doing that is that is to try to understand

what motivates some of theinstitution and individual processes of missing out on education


Then we'll be able to respond better and make some progress improv in improving

the cultures ofschooling now this is important because missing out on education is a

major source of marginalization and inequality


it's relevant because it's a global phenomena i don't know of a country in the world

where some children don't miss out on education


and it's significant because it poses a high level risk for social psychological and educational

outcomes-if nothing else the pandemic has shown us what the risks of isolation and

exclusion from society are: the tsunami of mental health difficulties that we're witnessing in many countries of the world at the moment


is just one example of the consequences of being isolated;

this is a very big issue in terms of political economic social and cultural consequences but

disengagement is just not just in terms of inappropriate behavior in in in the classroom but also

non-attendance and whole variety of other phenomena; in in england we have something called

elective home education where in the past parents would come

to the school and say you know i'd really like to educate my child at home


and there'd be a process which was gone through and that would happen and

sometimes it was successful



 what we've seen happening recently is that parents may be called into a school and told that really their child's not doing too well and they would probably be happier at home and all they've got to do is fill in

this form which has already been populated with all the details


and then the child can be educated at home not necessarily with any experience on the part of the parents in how to provide a robust and relevant education


there's also something called off-roading which is a a euphemism really for

institutions getting rid of kids who don't fit don't fit because their performance doesn't fit a profile that

the school wants to maintain or don't fit because they in some way invoke negative responses

some off-roading actions are illegal and almost all immoral and


there's a lot of work to be done in that these things are highly situated

 the incidence varies from school to school from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and


this is something that we're exploring in a major project at the moment called excluded lives


which we're seeking to understand the processes and outcomes of exclusion from school

 so we're comparing england scotland northern ireland and wales but

from a multi-professional perspective so in the team there are psychiatrists, lawyers, criminologists

policy analysts,and a whole range of different sorts of educators and economists -and we're looking at the

the policy and legal frameworks of those four jurisdictions


we're looking at what the existing databases tell us about what's going on

and what the patterns of provision for young people alike once they've been excluded we're

also trying to understand different professional views of risk and resilienceof teachers and head teachers views about exclusion and importantly young people and their families experience of exclusion


This is an undertaking for the first time a robust analysis of the cost both macro and micro of exclusion

itself this is all being informed by groups we've recruited of young people who've been through exclusion themselves


and they form young people's research advisory groups and they will be informing our our research

processes and challenging some of our patterns of questioning and the



now this all sounds rather dry and academic until you put it against the the fact that

in england we legally exclude about 8 000 children a year


 in scotland uh that number comes to about three now i know that scotland's smaller than england

but eight thousand to three is a pretty big difference; and it's not as if scotland doesn't also

have its fair share of social disadvantage so what on earth is it that makes this difference? why are these

vast differences exclusion in place


and we also challenge the way in which the official figures are in place..i think we don't really don't know

enough about the extent of marginalization, the extent to which young people miss out on on school

education; the local government association in england recently published a report where they asked well

how many children of statutory school age are missing out on formal full-time education

they came up with three estimates


they said well what's the minimum number is: 208000 -that’s a he number

what’s the likely number: 282000

and the maximum : over 1.1 million

This is a huge phenomenon for a country like england


And then there are disproprtional impacts by gender ethnicity and  special needs


a recent report showed that 27 percent of young people with social emotional

mental health difficulties are missing out on education and 16% of the special needs

population are missing from education


underlying this is a belief in the interconnectedness between learning, relating and belonging


and i think there is a large amount of work that we should be doing now trying

to understand the underlying factors which demotivated

 young people when it comes to engagement in education and there are two that i'd like to mention now


firstly belonging and connectedness the extent to which students feel accepted supported and

respected by their teachers and classmates


and the the oecd pisa report of what school life means for student lives

shows clearly that if students do not feel comfortable and connected in the

classroom they'll  struggle to learn


but one of the things that we've investigated recently has been in many of the measures


there's a no questions about safety but what we found out it's not just a matter of

physical safety safety from physical harm but particularly among young people who tend

not to attend school it's safety from ridicule safety from being teased and mocked

if they ask answer a question wrongly or if their results aren't very good


the second issue is justice whether  young people feel that they are

being treated fairly in school seems to be a central plank in in the missing out on education

now this sense of fairness can be both a form of cultural justice, procedural justice : are the processes

fair? and substantive justice are the outcomes fair? is what results


there hasn't been done so far is to examine the patterns of missing out on education in different cultural and pedagogic contexts in order to be able to both share the good practice that exists

in some places but also think about what forms of adjustment to policy and practice need

to take place; that these things don't happen and that so many young people

don't feel that school is not a place for them…

and to make schools better places for learning

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