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Thursday, August 25, 2022

banks of virtual expereinces worthy of learners & teachers time

 hip hip hurrah 22-23 is the first yera that acompetition is collecting metaverse experines by SDG - so by may 2023 the un and xprize alumni will have kicked off 17 virtual spaces with the most exciting stories attracting amssive goal su=olution hunts

also educatir leaders of web3 are cataloguing vr expereinces by DICE

too dangerous for  a12 yera old to physically do- eg clim everest

impossible to do - travel inside the human body to improve 21st medicine

c- catsatrophic - dont let's exterminate bees just to test nature's wrath

e expensive a first virtual tour of alaska much betetr value for a classroom of kids than a real expereince - at elast until they have chosen alaska as a long term ecotourism paryner

already anime bot curators are guiding visitirs around gereen vacation areas- betetr still freinds from half a world away can join in the curation - the bdubai expo had a virtual curator (anyone know if its still touring - why not at elast at architectural blueprint level and so that osaka expo can pick up where dubai got to

please tell us your favorite virtual reality expereinces and if they are banked free for any earthings application