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Friday, May 31, 2019

book sampler draft - What’s been happening to humanity over the last 75 years?
This book is dedicated to two men, and one billion poorest women[i].   their lives show that hi-trust hi-tech action networking can sustain our species, and even turn the 21st century into the happiest and most loving time for every life on earth. In 2020, marooned as we humans are by a natural virus, we seek in a small but enterprising way to unite optimistic rationalism
Humanity’s 7 wonders?
We offer seven frameworks which mediate both men’s experiential learning curves, and gravitational attraction to sustainability development goals[ii]. They understood the likelihood of opposite system endgames such as orwell’s big brotherdom or the concerns that Einstein and Gandhi shared if nations undervalued family driven community building. HG Wells identified the core problem : civilization is a race between education and catastrophe.
One man is my father norman macrae. He spent his last days as a teenager in world war 2  navigating airplanes in bomber command over today’s Myanmar (then Burma) and Bangladesh then the eastern end of the british raj’s subcontinent of india. Surviving that experience, optimism became dad’s password.  He flowed through the last class taught by Keynes at Cambridge, married the daughter of the diaspora scot sir kenneth kemp who wrote up the legalese of india’s independence then became the economist’s end poverty and tech futures sub-editor for 40 years. Norman wrote over 2000 leaders for the economist but it was 17 years before he was permitted one signed annual survey. Typically of norman: his first named survey in 1962 considered his old war time enemy japan[iii]. Much to the English establishment.s consternation, dad reported the future of ever smarter engineering has arrived in asia whose peoples can now rise and rise. Fortunately prince Charles was deputized to attend the Tokyo Olympics, his rapport with the Japanese emperor’s family and akio morita of sony changed European decision-making futures by asking japan”s Sony to inward invest in “my country wales”.
 Dad saw borders as where risks to our species are most likely to compound. While I have always dreamed that the bbc[iv] could discover public broadcasting world service’s unique purpose, its only David attenborough’s lifelong exploration of nature’s borderless dynamics that matches our demands for smart broadcasting tv.  Moreover,  Norman never stopped scribbling about the need to love each other’s children and map back from the future possibilities with joie de vivre[v] – his retirement included a Sunday times column, the biography of john von neumann and his last project preparing a small foundation to send English and Chinese female apprentice journalists to Bangladesh 15 times.
In Bangladesh  our apprentice journalists met both sir fazle abed and Muhammad yunus. Both are extraordinary people but sadly yunus forfeited his bank to the prime minister making it even more essential that fazle abed’s alumni networks grew to be the world’s largest coalition of NGOs. ( By 1972 the economist started a series of future histories imploring organizational legislators to identify a best of government and corporate networking terminology -that’s what Bangladesh rural women partnerships by designing foundations with positive cash flows did but the english mindset to this day does not yet seem to have advanced beyond NGO non government organization terms )
Luck in timing blended with diversity of context is needed to turn journalism into transformation knowhow worthy of  youth’s application as the next generation  -an exploratory quest dad catalogued at the economist in his signature genre of entrepreneurial revolution. Soon after norman’s death Glasgow university helped stage a remembrance summit[vi] guested by Muhammad yunus, and The japan embassy in dhaka kindly hosted 2 remembrance diiners to my father where sit fazle abed was both chief guest and moderator of 4 hours of brainstorming. He chose :
·         a project coalition he believed he had time to assemble – partners in cashless banking for a billion
·         and a project he told the Chinese and anyone who would listen that was both a dream and hopefully his succession pathway – middle income traps can only be prevented by a coalition of 100 new universities that value the sdg generation most and are distributed round the world so that all populations lives matter[1]
A device used in this book is that names in bold print indicate that a search of will provide a lot more contextual details on these humans contributions and alumni. We also ask for two kinds of support- corrections are welcome if we have missed any life-critical knowhow ; and if you search our web and find your favorite human source is missing, we’d love to know –

As I grew up in London of the 1950s/60s, I am eternally grateful for my life which would not have existed without the generosity of americans who twice saved the old world’s tri-continent and odd islands from global wars. But with hindsight I see that I too innocently believed in the American dream without understanding that systemically embedded the us constitution is also a living nightmare – that of being an underclass due to coior of skin, gender or other cultural minority[vii]
Its worth noting several limitations on English language education in the mid 20th century. Through my schooling the most advanced computational tool was the slide ruler. Additionally there was no curriculum of 20th century geohistory- perhaps the british establishment let alone its education profession could not agree what had happened. We were not for example informed that the era of empires had trapped nearly three quarters of the human race in poverty -rouhgly 55% on continent of asia , 12% Africa, 5% central and south America,  3% elsewhere without access to electricity grids or other utilities. Ironically I failed to chat about this with dad- responsibility for a weekly newspaper meant his mind was preoccupied six and half days a week

[iv] Futureofbbc youtube by norman macrae
[vi] The summit invited people from 15 nations to launch the journal of social business