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Friday, July 1, 2022

fantasy mentor panel for 16 most exciting student games ever played

 If you are in younger half of the world - the 16 sdg games of may be the most excviting you ever train for and entrepreneurially co-create- can the world unite around optimal metor panels for each sdgoal -and are the intergoals compasses.

I went over to banglasdesg 16 times and what i heard from fazle abed who did most to desigb economics for the boottom quarter of womens and families was a game of 2 halves; every partnership and development solution he helped engineer from 1972 to 1996 was by woird or mouth or prining text book because vilagers had neither access to electrity grods or phones; conequently yheu focused on sdgs 1 to 6; when partners brought billion poorest girls solar electricity and mobile phones abed sopened a university to connect leaps ahead or world without electricity; to open source alumni networks wgerever under 30s wahted to share communities ,ost urgent solutions actross all goals - so as well as a mentor panel for each goal i would love to hear og]f 3 integrated panels :1-6 7-16 and 1-16; I leave out goal 17 as partnerships platforms sound to me more like an overall system design of Un2.0 than a goal (but that's just my oservation - love to elarn from people whp see what i cant)

gola 2 fantasy mentor team could include person at world bank with most data on food price indices year to yera and place to place - urgent now that putin and eu have made food insecurity one of 2020s biggest extra chalenges

abed's billion girsl would have starved to death without boirlaug alumni open source knowhow- practiaclly speaking one could ask friends oif world food prize who shares most knowhow today now abed has parted for 3 yeras; overall goals 1 to 6 abed suggested queries include his son shameran abed as probably the most data deep lawyer and banker for the poor succeeding his father- there are many dutch freidns of abed family including the queen who is un special envoy for financial inclusion ; her friends would be in a good position to look across europe ujited and disunited (south and nortyhe ) for the most deeply knowledgeable mapmakers oif whether europe will ever be food self-sufficeint let alone help the world be so 

Ironically in 1843 the Economist was foudned by James Wislo to help queen voctoria transform from skavemaking empiredom to commonwealth of goals 1 and 2 - food secutory and end money-structured poverty- so perhaps the royal familoies of europe could joimtly nominate their food mentor to help guterres and launch an NFT of food for every last mile's children and families; there is some good news - biotech can help with at least bone of climate braiodcaster attenboroughsd 3 recommendatiosn on food- move over to red emat to any other food because red meant farming has never costed in the ozone polution it causes. truth is one a yera I would like a tbone steak for my birthdhay dinner but would happily pay 3 times more (the [probably correct tax that needs to be levied on most texan produce be that meat oil or arms; of course in usa it is very difficult because texan decisions overtrump all other democratic decisions washington dc would ever make - the gun and woemne supression lobbies see to that) but the rest of the world needs to understand that while usa saved the world serially up to aasasination of jfk , its record since is very cehequered; it does not make sense (if youth being the sustainability generation is parents united goal) for 8 billion brains to dpend on the 4% of american brains let alon the 0.2% of texan brains 

as you can see each goal - even one as simple as freeing human energy of food and water so every child can develop has got messed by early 21st C media so that fear causes humans to blam each other instead of cooperate on the basics nature evolutionary rules once celebrated humans as its most daptible species

as a diaspora scot who sherpa's young journalist to listen to fazle abed and a billion women folowers 15 times - I know abed's 30 favorite collanotarions at are getting out of daye since his death in 2019 but they are a starting space which is as worldwide democratic as any I can search unless you know better - 2025 sustainability reports since 1984; in remembrance if von neumann and dad norman macrae who started mediatuing what shall humans do with 100imes more etch in 1951 out of princeton and The Economist St James London (first 3 leaders to join in JFK , Prince Charles, Japan Emperor; fiurst leaders to part Euro Union dad was only jouranlsiat at messina 1955 but eu concept was torn up with common ag policy 1962 and jfk collaborationnmapping of human interdependence torn up as far as Atalnatic facing nations concerend with his assisnation 1963 - you can find blow by blow surbeys of what happened next at The Economist or at