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Saturday, December 25, 1976

entrepreneurial curriculum

although my father norman macrae had first coined the term entrepreneurial revolution in his 1960 economist series on loving each other's countries - which had begun with celebrating in 1962 how japan was on a mission to help all asians two third of humanity rise, the series of surveys on entrepreneurial revolution began in the economist dc 25 1976 as you can see at

it had been preceded by dads first future history 1972's next 40 years which had argued that fintech would need to leap over big politicians/banking's paper currency

er added idea that every legislature an professional needed to transform to valuing sme startup networks - the race to save our species would need to end all the biggest least sustainable corporations and governments - the mischief that the east indies company had amplified from 1760 with birth of age of machines and humans needed transparent recnilia if all

selected update 2020

dear sam pitroda- are your family well and hubbing out of chicago?-  -amitav at american university, unesco, schwarzman remembers when your nearly free phones in india helped his family stay in touch - unni is in vienna connecting eg ban-ki moon and other agenda with goals of family owned companies like tata- sam you I met for 2 days at windsor castle retreat on future of health in 2015- i dont always know how whatsapp works- so resending my survey question- what can be zoomed at unga 2020 to help people in india or wherever un linksin- by the way when unga2019 was real i attended an event celebrating ghana's new university founded by a tech wizard-soros is connecting 30 colleges including ghana's and my favorite brac university of whom i visited 10 times in dhaka before his death- ghana unga event was hosted out of facebooks new york office but the unit of facebook was based in chicago- some dots to connect? POSSIBLE DUPLICATION SURVEY what is most human zoom we can stage 2020 for india and un- i ask because 75 years ago while un was being born at san francisco opera house- grandad sir kenneth kemp was writing up legalese of india's independence after 25 years with gandhi as mumbai's 2 most trained barristers of global and national affairs- last year bloomberg's unga summit focused on modi's ideas of future - this year bloomberg cancelled his summits but many surveys on who will zoom what sept 15-30 are happening- if you know anyone concerned with what is future of india or un who might linkin zoom etc please say   -tours