.what if happy new 2030 = 2025 celebrates reports that stanford and deep mind's human ai valley = United Humans benchmark of worldwide edu livelihood syytems of sdg generation2021 (celebrate 20 years on from 2001 wake upcall to silicon valley when 2001 abed and steves jobs' dream of womens world coop uni zooms womens hi-trust hi-goodness intel everywhere so that all people become lifelong students and mentors2022 worlds deepest health servant leaders reunited real communities simultaneously so what's 2023=24 to linkin first
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Sunday, September 10, 2023

consequence of 2001 65th birthday wish party hosted by steve jobs for Fazle Abed in HumansAI Valley

.In  Q3 of 1800s, Santa Clara was fav space in new world of st francis female networks : Clares missionaries devoted to community building round health of infants and moms. The valley below was a paradise of fruits and vegs. Look North and you might see the continent's tallest tree "Alto" & Mountain View. The Clare's mission was the largest outside Italy and Vatican. Then the president of California's only teen died of a water born disease from their holiday in Rome. They turned the family farm into a university valuing every Californian child - Junior's Stanford -where else might humans and machine intel unite the world . Dare we gamify intelligence for 8 billion beings to see the woods & the tree, the mountains and the oceans ... AIGames.solar

Let's borrow HG Well's Time Machine & his bon mots - civilisation is a race between edu & catastrophe

9) in the 2020s the valley and the clares inspire moments of lift by the west's two most influential female philanthropists Ms MG and Ms PC. Can hi-trust celebrations of women empowerment be envisioned by 21st C deep learning Mathematicians  5) FFL (friends Gates, Chan, Stanford HAI)  & DH (friends google brain, deepmind, alphafold2) and unite what was rooted in 1) Valley 2001 when two of the 20th's century's most extraordinary personal networkers SJ & FA brainstormed to most deeply see new millennium human intelligences  (romr has it from this party on both these men spent the rest of their lives chatting up the viewpoint that new womens universities would be the key to celebrating every millennials goal)

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So it was fortunate that in 2001, the word's most exciting designer of personal mobilisation brain tools hosted 65th birthday party for the late 20th century's number 1 women empowerment servant leader Fazle Abed. Just like americans love that their compatriot borlaug gave humanity's goal 2 end hunger a lift and saved a billion people from starvation with his last mile agriculture curriculum in mid 20th c which had deepest local adaptations to rice (one which most of the east's population fees), Fazle Abed's 4th quarter of 20th c had shared borlaug magic and with unicef james grant oral rehydration magic and innoculations magic with the new economics of community networked smallest enterprises. Their brainstorming session came up with an extraordinary conclusion. To be sustainable all millennials female and male needed to linkin withy a university of as yet missing curricula- when we say a university we mean a curricula of all ages - eg how does tech first attach 5 year old minds with AI dance or AI drawing; how does AI change systems celebrating maths teachers minds with the missing curricula  that the UN has declared 23-24 schools year of global futures  and which BARD 1001 Language mediator discusses