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Tuesday, May 30, 2023


hi an asian friend asked bard for 5 intro ppt slides on AI - this is what bard gave us- local bonus dc - in tghis 11th year of youth summits at world bank, do you know any youth summiteers or world bankers who might want to improve on Bard's start on HumansAI?

Slide 1: The History of AI 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent agents, which are systems that can reason, learn, and act autonomously.

AI research has been highly successful in developing effective techniques for solving a wide range of problems, including game playing, natural language processing, and image recognition.

AI is still a young field, and there is much that we do not know about how to create truly intelligent agents. However, the progress that has been made in recent years is truly remarkable, and AI is poised to have a major impact on our lives in the years to come.

Slide 2: The Early Days of AI 

The history of AI can be traced back to the early days of computing, when Alan Turing, John McCarthy, and other pioneers began to explore the possibility of creating machines that could think.

In the 1950s and 1960s, there was a flurry of activity in AI research, and a number of early successes were achieved. However, the field also experienced a number of setbacks, and by the 1970s, AI research was in a state of decline.

Slide 3: The Rise of Deep Learning 

In the 1980s, AI research began to make a comeback, thanks in part to the development of new techniques for machine learning, such as neural networks.

In the 1990s, AI research continued to grow, and a number of new applications were developed, such as spam filtering and fraud detection.

In the 2000s, AI research experienced a major breakthrough with the development of deep learning, which is a type of machine learning that uses artificial neural networks to learn from data.

Deep learning has led to a number of new AI successes, such as the development of self-driving cars and the ability to defeat human champions at games like Go.

Slide 4: The Future of AI 

The future of AI is bright. Deep learning is still a young field, and there is much that we do not know about how to use it to create truly intelligent agents. However, the progress that has been made in recent years is truly remarkable, and AI is poised to have a major impact on our lives in the years to come.

Some of the potential applications of AI in the future include:

Self-driving cars

Virtual assistants

Medical diagnosis

Financial trading




Slide 5: Conclusion

AI is a powerful technology with the potential to change our lives in many ways. It is important to use AI responsibly and ethically, and to ensure that it is used for good and not for evil.

We are still in the early days of AI, but the progress that has been made in recent years is truly remarkable. AI is poised to have a major impact on our lives in the years to come, and it is important to be prepared for this change.


personally my family's records from dad's Economsit seconded year in princeton 1951 trace Architecture of Intel (AI) to NET - Neumann-Einstein-Turing - this takes us back through start of multilaterals 1945 and to ITU which was genesis of swiss league of nations and global coms since 1865~there are also strange trfcks Gandhi first became old world famous celebrity as telegraphs picked up his journalism in india and warned both london and south africa Durban) of the coming of a decolonial AI Barrister


 Zooming this summer before college year 23-24 and UNGA year Global Futures forum - Which future learning curves might you like to tour from PovertyMuseums blog &

PM Datelines eg 

PM 2023 co-share Valuing how co-creatively education spend millenaisl time and space update with bard on brad 

1951 First Merger of Economist and AI Architects of Intelligence

1964 we are all now - how celebrated liftoff extending Castal Belt if japan neighbors as AI's 5h dimension

1972 Bangladesh and 1 billion girls join in pacific valuation of civilsation is race between ed and catastrophe - design halthy societies to generate growath economies not vive versa- Starting linbe of Versions of Entrepreneurial Revolution 1 2 3

1984's 2025 report Timelines of SDG generation to 2025 now with 5 yeras overtime Un2.0 since 2015

2001 Steve Jobs family joins 1 billion girls in calling for 21st C university coopetration revolution

2008 PM subprime crossroads - didnt quite make out future for good in midst of banking colapse but good try GB and MY

Futyre Histiry Recursion footbote 1 KNow ye Know ye The ITU 1945-1865 was at the root of 2 worl dwars ,- what if the roots of peace 2030-1945 are linked to ITU(N)AIC - mulltilaterals freedom to value 2220s design mediating digiotal cooperation and Architect of Intelligene grounded by deep data : SHELFF*WEE*PIC -can your selfies celebrate nature's Peace Infrastructure and Climate maps. DO you value WEE water education emplyment the way Scots since Adam Smith do next. What if She=too Health Education Leadership Food Finance to end poverty connected every networking frined you most influece.

university coalition
2019 yidan edu prize hong kong, south asian diaspora prize singapore, knighthood netherlands, university commencement speech ban ki-moon

.Breaking news summer 2018- what would the world uniquely miss if alumni networks of sir fazle abed brac and jack ma alibaba

had never existed? Probably our species would lose all chance of youth sustainability now the UN has admitted it has 17 goals but no financial access

Jack Ma: Education is the biggest challenge

Jack Ma on the future of education (teamwork included)

Alibaba Group Founder and Commissioner, Jack Ma, Shares His Thoughts on the #LearningGeneration

norman macrae surveys in the economist starting 1962 asked how could we help
peoples join in sustaining the world- as a teenage navigator in ww2 serving bomber command
myanmar/bangladesh region

2010= tracking brac uni coalition - deepest sgirls dg alumni

index to other worldwide coalitions of global scholars and redesign of vakue chain of education from pre- to grad in association with - which wrj creator would you like to be alumni of
search wrj- is your favorite there- tell us of more links to alumni; if your favorite ist there- we really need to hear from you
9 clintonuni coalitions
8 schwarzman scholars coalitions
7 osun soros coalitions ban ki-moon incluing other vienna and netherlands coalitions
6 scottish entrepreneurial revolution coalitions
5 concept coalitions eg or -most urgent missing curricula of 2020s- eg end virus curricula
4 ai in education and other uni coalitions led by singapore
3 analysis of unicorns to see which may plant graduate coalititions - unicornuni
2 you tell us of emerging uni coalitions in 2020s and youth as sdg generation
1 crimson and other coalitions of why not a silicon vallet and stanford everywhere
0 infrastructure- geonomic mapping trade for all uni

extract from five by 60 min transcripts - life in day of fazle abed, brac, world's larges ngo coaltion - on why his legacy also needs to be the most ope uni coalition of sdgs and women and all lives matter including youth two thirds of whom are asian 15% african and less than 10% from g8- queries welcome chris.macrae@yahoo,

50.00 Usually when the Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh calls me he is looking for ideas on poverty alleviation, but back in 2011 I suddenly got a call asking me about a different sort of noble project : did I have ideas on how china could avoid the middle income trap – it turned out the economist had just done a survey on that Do you have ideas about things that we (China) can do to avoid the middle income trap?
51:05 I said off the cuff I'll tell you one or two things that I think will be important for you to do to avoid middle income trap because the two countries that have become high-income countries in our region during the last thirty years are Singapore and Korea
and what have they done that peer countries in the region didn't do, I can see only two things
51:39 one thing singapore built a very high quality university designed to be the powerhouse of creating jobs, and enterprise innovation all kinds of things like that… so did korea…so if you want to build China as a high income country for one fifth of the human race, then you have to build a dozen Oxfords, dozen Cambridges dozen Harvard/MIT and dozen Stanford
do that and then you China can build a high income Society
52:22 And the ambassador said why is this? so I said well it's because in order to build these
universities you need to endow them well and you have to give complete freedom to and for the intellect- intellectual freedom will mean no controls of state – you will have to forego that -- you can't you can't get the faculty to think only on what the party line is
the other thing is that they must be self-governing institutions -universities : if you can build that then you will have a high income Society- if you can’t then you fail

dec 2019 death of fazle abed
last education laureate to fazle abed - yidan prize
nov 2019 last hi-level visits yt sir fazle friends to dhaka include ban ki-moon - convocation brac u

feb 2019 vc of brac vincent chang headhunted from shenzen hk system co-endorsed by president of bangladesh
invention bux brac u coalition's edx

fazle abed inspired dashboard shelf-unites ;

shelf-5 essential community markets of livesmatter - Safety, Health, Education , Loveq (ie community's professonals =servant leaders nor rulers by power over people) Finance
more on VEST HERE
V smith101.jpg VEST 45-60
E 0G 70S
S 2G
T 4G
5G 20S


Uniiting livesmatter of machines & 7.5 billions humans


Nature's bottom up and open systems integrated

- see also einstein on threats caused by macro science of man


Infrastucture how global village trade changes with ships trains cars planes


Tech of coms and comp- 100 times moore multipliers each decade 70s to 20s


Energy go green


Sports/arts/sdgs valuing heroes youth needs to celebrate most


uniting 50 most sustainable universites ever founded eg


help welcomed



- norman's first survey celebrated how
his war time enemy japan was helping all of eastern asia rise; norman was always
concerned with outlasting stalin's legacy - his 1963 surveyed how unluck russian peoples had been and how complext their iced up coatal belt and neighbors were

Jargon from forthcoming book of world record jobs creators
**poverty museum - the one and only sustainability goals youth need to unite the world according to muhammad yunus; POP
**Preferential Option Poor - the end poverty world leading model demonstrated inter alia by 25 years of jim kim experiences in building health care services out of nothing and the pope francis charter of 10 ways sustainable communities and loving care of families require congruent audits shared by open systems partners.
PYP not ppp- goal 17 is neither a goal nor a sufficient system model- it taks at least 3 parties to triangularise - letf our of public private partners of the big get bigger is the dream of the poorest next girl or boy born - since 1976 entrepreneurial revoliution called for mapmakers to pyp- where y stands for youth partnering - education is fake if it doesnt valu next childs born lifes matter- so is media- so are sports- so are tech wizards high up in their ivory twers not auditing a place from viewpoint of empowering love and safety around children