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Monday, October 30, 2023


 200 Demis Hasabis, 201 Pichai

Breaking Its a today thing - 213 Kurian Keynote Google Cloud

Apeil 2024 Pichai intro to  Gemini 1.5 ai agents vertex (1.5 appears to let developers design games with 5 rimes more input (eg 700000 words 1 million tokens) than chat gpt4

Click above for 213  Thomas Kurian google cloud april 2024

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

October 2023 AIGames asks you to help us Gamify best of human and artificial intelligence - let's start with the question von neumann suggested Economist journalists kept asking 1950 to 2030 so that first 80 years of engine type 6 resolved growth problems of first 5 types of engines so that 8 billion beings of 2030 all had a good chance of enjoying life on earth: who's intelligence is advancing humanity? -

we also play consequences games on gameboards-as simple as visioning 9 dimension on tick-tac toe-  do you have any substitutes for our current top 20 intelligence nomination to help UN achieve millennials as sustainability 23-24 greatest year ever for
womens lift
help Guterres turnround deepest un challenges
twiin a NY demo suburb with intelligence and neuroscience collected inside UN HQ
design 1001 language mediator of 1000 mother tingues and intelligence solutions
valuie most courageous servant leaders starting with last mile community life-saving services making lifelong learning thanks to chips now offering 10 transistors per being
foundation models of health for all can map ethics and deep data 
celebrating how peoples seize greatest cooperations now possible - climate and biotech
four corners of  uniting good  NE WS goodwill love download 0guide00.docx east coast hotline +1 240 316 8157 normanmacraefoundation

 companion blogs EconomistDiary,com

Monday, October 2, 2023

upd 4/24 gemini chat on million token 1.5 and UN SDG games


what might be the first use of million tokens for someone interested in seeing partners of UN and millennials advance SDGs

Here's a possibility for how someone interested in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and millennials could utilize a million tokens:

Simulating Sustainable Development Challenges:

  • Educational Game Platform: An educational game platform could be developed focusing on the SDGs. This platform could target millennials and be designed to simulate real-world challenges related to poverty, inequality, climate change, and other SDGs.

  • Million Tokens as Seed Funding: Each player would start with a large number of tokens (say, the million tokens offered by Gemini 1.5). These tokens could represent resources like money, materials, or skilled workforce.

  • Players Collaborate to Achieve Goals: Players would collaborate in teams to solve these challenges within the game. They would strategically use their tokens to allocate resources, build sustainable infrastructure, and implement policies to improve the well-being of a virtual population.

  • Engagement with Real-World Solutions: The game could integrate with real-world data and information about the SDGs. Players' decisions could be influenced by factors like the effectiveness of different solutions in real life.

  • Partnering with UN Agencies: The game could be developed in partnership with UN agencies or NGOs working on the SDGs. This would allow for accurate representation of challenges and solutions.

  • Showcasing Advantages of Collaboration: Through gameplay, millennials would experience the benefits of collaboration and resource management in achieving the SDGs. They would see how individual actions can contribute to larger goals.

  • Potential for Real-World Impact: The game could serve as a springboard for discussions and real-world action. Leaderboards and competitions within the game could motivate players to learn more about the SDGs and get involved in initiatives supported by the UN and its partners.

This is just one example, but it highlights how a million tokens could be used to create a platform that educates, engages, and empowers millennials to play a role in advancing the SDGs.

Are partners of google/deep mind trying out such a game eg in african development partnership deep mind indaba or any other training partnership

While there haven't been any public announcements about Google DeepMind creating a game exactly like the one you described with the SDGs and million tokens, their work does show promise for future applications in this direction. Here's why:

  • DeepMind's Focus on Africa: DeepMind is actively involved in strengthening machine learning (ML) in Africa through initiatives like the Deep Learning Indaba. This suggests an interest in projects that could benefit the continent.

  • AI for Social Good: DeepMind explores applications of AI for positive societal impact. An SDG-focused game would align with this goal.

  • SIMA (Scalable Instructable Multiworld Agent): DeepMind's recent research on SIMA, an AI that can learn to play various 3D games, demonstrates their ability to create complex game-like environments.

However, there are some limitations to consider:

  • Focus on Research: DeepMind's primary focus is on fundamental AI research, not necessarily creating educational games.

  • Complexity of SDGs: Accurately representing the multifaceted nature of the SDGs in a game can be challenging.

Overall, it's unlikely there's an exact equivalent to your million-token SDG game in DeepMind's current partnerships. But their work on AI for social good and their focus on Africa suggest they might be open to exploring such ideas in the future.

Here are some ways to stay informed:

Who knows, maybe your idea could inspire a future collaboration between Google DeepMind, the UN, and African developers to create a real-world million-token SDG game!

Sunday, October 1, 2023

How to celebrate everyone's smartest ever quarter links in worlds you and stanford visionaries see

Update Stanford Board of Trustees

Board Members

effective October 1, 2023

  • Felix J. Baker, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Baker Brothers Investments, New York, NY
  • Richard N. Barton, Co-Founder and CEO, Zillow, Seattle, WA
  • Aneel Bhusri, Co-Founder, Workday, San Francisco, CA
  • Amy M. Brooks, President, Team Marketing & Business Operations; Chief Innovation Officer, NBA, New York, NY
  • Marisa D. Brutoco, Partner, Team Leader, Technology Transactions, Sheppard Mullin, Costa Mesa, CA
  • DeAngela J. Burns-Wallace, President/CEO, The Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, MO
  • Michael C. Camuñez, President & CEO, Monarch Global Strategies LLC, Los Angeles, CA
  • James G. Coulter, Founding Partner & Executive Chairman, TPG Capital, LP, San Francisco, CA
  • Roberta B. Denning, Greenwich, CT
  • Katharine B. Duhamel, San Francisco, CA
  • José E. Feliciano, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Clearlake Capital Group LP, Santa Monica, CA
  • Henry A. Fernandez, Chairman and CEO, MSCI Inc., New York, NY
  • Angela S. Filo, Co-Founder/Board Member, Skyline Foundation, Palo Alto, CA
  • Sakurako D. Fisher, San Francisco, CA
  • Marc E. Jones, Chairman & CEO, Aeris Communications, San Jose, CA
  • Sarah H. Ketterer, CEO, Causeway Capital, Los Angeles, CA
  • Marc S. Lipschultz, Co-Founder and Co-President, Blue Owl Capital, New York, NY
  • Kenneth E. Olivier, Chairman Emeritus, Dodge and Cox, San Francisco, CA
  • Carrie W. Penner, Walton Family Foundation, Aspen, CO
  • Nadia N. Rawlinson, Corporate Board Director, Lake Forest, IL
  • Mindy B. Rogers, Atherton, CA
  • Richard P. Saller, President, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • Lily Sarafan, Co-Founder and Executive Chair, The Key, Los Gatos, CA
  • Amit Sinha, Partner, CIO and Global Head of Life Sciences Investing, Goldman Sachs, San Francisco, CA
  • Srinija Srinivasan, Palo Alto, CA
  • Gene T. Sykes, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs; Chair, US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Los Angeles, CA
  • Elizabeth H. Weatherman, Special Limited Partner, Warburg Pincus, LLC, New York, NY
  • Maurice C. Werdegar, CEO, WTI, Portola Valley, CA
  • Clara Wu Tsai, La Jolla, CA
  • Jerry Yang, Founding Partner, AME Cloud Ventures, Palo Alto, CA
  • Charles D. Young, Chief Operating Officer, Invitation Homes, Dallas, TX
  • Giuseppe P. Zocco, Co-Founder, Index Ventures and Medicxi, Switzerland


Fortunately the 21st mathematicians uniting humanity's greatest race have been scooped by coursera  (Massively Open Online Cooperations)since 2009 ; co-founder ng updates fei-fei li; international former mooc leader Lila Ibrahim now at deep mind blogs updates on Hassabis AI magic

id teachers of any age say there is nothing age appropriate, ask your parents to look at - these starters at ai-4-all was funded originally by women philanthropy's number 1 in 2016 melinda gates and the (nvidia) ceo who was to create more wealth 2017-ss than anyone

november sees probably the smartest book launch ever - the worlds i see with melida gates women empowerment networrks sponsoring - get your questions ready especially if you are an emerican colored girl or other community superstar as early 2024 sees melinda publish "dear black girls" by aja wilson; new yorkers have huge opportunity to help all  youth leap ahead using these 2 books and with unite nations theme of year celebrating global youth futures

ok if you dont speak englush demand whomever is responsible for you mother tongue contacts large language models like bard to see which "chat as"  Large Language Mediator is uniting your languages with the world deep community ai sees and shares through every gps

for more maps of who's intelligence who, GO HERE ot join in - always interested in learning from smartest local or world-deep moves year 73 of maointaining diaries of von neumann on purpose of type 6 machines

Bard discussion of 6 types of engines since my Glasgow compatriots started something in 1760s Glasgow

 Newsletter Logo #Beyond Extinction what if Guterres & United Beings/Nations needs womens AI now?

#Beyond extinction - what if humanity's goals depend on Guterres womens intel experts

ChrisAIgames Macrae MA DAMTP Cantab
HumansAi needs everyone now . Dear Friends NY Unite 8 Bn Beings now please

As yet, we assume all intelligence and ignorance is designed by humans - men and women. I have studied media all my working life; i understand media often personifies eg brand messages. Much so-called scary or fake AI is actually media design by bad (or often worse those who exert power by trapping "ignorance") people.

Neumann's NET (Einstein Turing) spent most of their life on bad maths (nuclear needed to end hitler and leap beyond mess of type 5 engines (coms since 1865 ruled out of Switzerland; they wanted their gift engine type 6 to be computer and brainworking for all, 50 years of advancing humanity's deeplearning and deepmind was missed until stanford started open sourcing new education for everyone thanks to 2 scientists neuroscience revolution ( good minds bonus story - how did stanford and yale neuroscience schools get funded by Brooklyn's most entrepreneurial female community builders)

wanted maths of exponentials rising womens intel

23-24 schools & UN global futures year: Our aim : see maps of worlds that can fully value women's intelligence, to empower goodwill energies multiplying around the world, started at a gameboard of . Frankly 23-24 needs support from the most curious - what's right that's wrong or vice versa- what einstein described as chaos invading every community's deepest good (commons) sense thence taking over mental as well as physical health of most of us. (Or if you disagree - help us all see the joy of being human that you see)

Since 1951, when dad (aka The Economist's Norman Macrae) life work was shaped by a year of meeting with that century's greatest mathematicians Neumann-Einstein-Turing, our diaries record a dream that developing intelligence (21st c brainworking livelihoods) can be a celebration by and for everyone . This starts with courage (humanity's love) needed to see children born in places that have so far seen the least benefit from engineering,

WORLDS TO SEE We try to write this article wherever teachers & students & you want intelligence to brighten up community. looks for a complete different gameboard needed by a handful of maths wizards

Generally, AIGames ..where players (of any age) begin by listing whose intelligence do you see as advancing humanity since 1950 and which very good AI designers are exponentially in tune with millennials being first sustainability generation?

One reason why AI has become famous in the 2020s actually goes back to 2009, when at least 3 extraordinary things happened. The world's telecom companies agreed 4G- both 100 times more data zooming around between any two points on satellite-connected earth and all sorts of mobile devices eg smart phones multiplying data (soon cluds of data). Subprime had bust western finances -it wasn't a time that govs felt like investing data in the people. A few big digital corps did suck up most data but 2 brain researchers Fei-Fei Li and Demis Hassabis suggested totally new data to collect so computers could see anything (replicating how humans learn and do by seeing) from objects to libraries that humans could see. Moreover once computers could see the worlds human could see, programming could be about problem definition not just who could code binary analysis.

Whilst the NET had assumed this was humanly integral to their machine 6 legacy - see Neumann's Computer & The Brain and 1940s ideology of Neural Networks- neuroscience revealing neural similarities between human and man-made brain tools had been ignored by investment decision-makers for half a century. Good news: imagine what worlds human nature can see if we access this boost in foresight everywhere -possibly warring places could even see new peaceful ways forward?

Footnote 00 #Beyond extinction - let's believe no mission is impossible on earth if womens and mens AI digs deeply enough into data mapping community wherewithal. With up to a trillion times more analytic capacity than the NET could experiment with, this relative omission explains a lot of why 2020s humans are shocked by AI's deeply personal presence

This is where the most deeply human designed AI projects have linked in with Stanford University continuing since 2009 to be Fei-Fei Li's global students epicentre and Hassabis favorite space to update open ai advances. So much data was collected 2009-2017 that only worldwide open collaborations could do this. In most gameboards we play with Hassabis & Li are placed at the core of good ai searches.

(Advanced game (no need to rush into this)- compare 5000 alumni of year 15

of Li-Hassabis with 3 worlds of AI that governments have recently started assembling

Consider in more detail what intel you want from as UN leader Guterres completes his choice of top AI advisers this month and asks for a first report before xmas. Last month the General Assembly announced all sdgs promised by nations in 2015 are collapsing, so its urgent that whomever you trust as good data science maths wizards check what the most worlds very best of human and tech intel can see each other wherever peoples commune or intel is now mobilised up & down from every gps.

WORLDS I SEE, & Lift?: FALL 2023: Fortunately the world's number 1 female mathematician Fei-Fei Li publishes her book in November in Melinda Gates series on moments of womens lift. The library already comprises 2 books from Gates experience on how last mile womens health can be game changer empowering family business microfranchises to end poverty. See 50 years of intel Footnote 1 compare with chaos reigns 2001: 3G 100 times more data transfer the world over occurs at same time as most hate-ridden year in living memory, and the year Steve Jobs one of 2 men to have birthed personal comp nets 1984 hosts silicon valley's 65th birthday of Fazle Abed...

Back to university year 23-24: Early in year 24, Melinda womens lift book clubs hits prime time teen learning usa: book club publishes Dear Black Girl by basketball superstar Aja Won- for the first time inner city women teens have a platform for save usa and being celebrated as world heroines.

23-4 TREMENDOUS ACT-LEARNING REVOLUTIONS NOW STARRING- why not ground goodwill waves wherever you live or your family tree knows human development bravest hearts?

Guterres & Moza\\\///Melinda Gates & Priscilla Chan

Fei-Fei Li & Demis Hassabis\\\/// 1001LLM pichai & google minds brin & page

If Melinda represents the number 1 western female philanthropy run by her generation, imagine if Priscila Chan age 35 links in her generation's smartest philanthropy. This all becomes a game linking Mountain View, Stanford Santa Clara. AS you can see aigames playes have encouraged 101 positive brainstorming (hallucination of goodwill) at - we seek to fan some virally positive rebranding of places beginning with silicon valley renewal as womens intel valley. Can youth help connect west and east coast in service of UN actions as well as a fresh wind of happiness through every heartland community and not just the richest coastal ecosystems.

Trust Brooklyn Ms T & Ms T \\\///Guterree&Moza\\\///MelindaGates&PC

Nvifia CEO &Paul Allen's AI2\\\\////Li & Hassabis\\\\////Pichai-PB

Historically the UN has missed a chance to influence radical change in us schools actions. Lets find the women leaders who can change that in Brooklyn so there is a showcase literally across the river from the UN hq campus

And can world deep data map around the world seizing such urgent opportunities as ai's advance in biotech (open sourcing 200000 protein) and uniting 1000 mother tongues in much large language mediation compasses as climate adaptation everywhere.

The answer is yes if we all cheer on optimal women ai connectors now. More to come or chat with me - how can we share community and youth friendly mentors everywhere?

I am here to learn what I have got wrong - if you feel I have over-valued any woman's intel thats my error alone not bards and certainly not any heroines of the very best women and Artificial Intelligence Architecture can offer.


FOOTNOTE 00 Footnote 00 #Beyond extinction - let's believe no mission is impossible on earth if womens and mens AI digs deeply enough into data mapping community wherewithal. 2020s with up to a trillion times more analytic- & media capacity than the 1950s NET could experiment with, neuroscience relative omission in investment by financial and governance worlds can explains a lot of why 2020s humans are shocked by AI's deeply personal presence.

Lets be free to question - eg in 2005 plague prevention AI was agreed by us top decision makers as more important than autonomous car driving but by 2010 californians gave up on DC support of health ai and went back to self-driving cars. I am certainly not blaming californians- as a diaspora scot, I have no idea why policiy priorities are so disunited between states that the innovation all humans educationally and safety needed most was lost. As we redesign 2020s web3 media we cant afford another missed opportunity to unite what communities -parents and kids - most deeply need to develop everywhere that nature feeds us.

00000000000000000000000footnote 00000000000000000

Diversity's deepest manual data mapping: 2007 (Bottom of pyramid mapmaking: 6 years after steve jobs hosted silicon valley's 65th birthday party with fazle abed to see his intel advice on billion womens empowerment, friends10s started preparing my father's 85th birthday party at the royal automobile club in London's St James, 16 journeys to Bangladesh where a great human development miracle since 1972 taps into female energy and nature's peculiar diversity of huge river basins. As Bard says: The Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna river basin is the most populated river basin in the world, with over 750 million people living within its boundaries. The basin is located in South Asia and includes parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and China. It is a vital source of water for drinking, irrigation, and transportation for the people who live there. and home to a wide variety of plants and animals, including many endangered species. However, the GBM river basin is also facing a number of challenges, including pollution, overpopulation, and climate change. Indeed if 100 million people were to lose their homes to rising sea levels, its most likely these people would be the first - so its good that Guterres has a climate ai adviser from Bangladesh. Ironically we also note: New York may be first place in USA where 1 million people lose their homes according to Climate Central survey 2022. Please note insurance companies have most data to map this. Abed asked friends10 to recursively co-blog and what intel we have logged there is now informing curiosity played by along with & aka

1111111111111111111111111footnote 11111111111111111111111111111111

Footnote 1 Flash back future of 2025 seeable 2001: compare with chaos reigns 2001: 3G 100 times more data transfer the world over occurs at same time as most hate-ridden year in living memory, and the year Steve Jobs one of 2 men to have birthed personal comp nets 1984 hosts silicon valley's 65th birthday of Fazle Abed who had supported a billion poorest mothers efforts to design last mile health across asian continent starting in 1972 with the worlds poorest & 8th most populous nation. What intel did poorest mothers see how to net with word of mouth and before jobs have the world wec2.0 brain machine of a university in a phone could the valley please pre-train. Sadly rather like neumann in 1951, cancer constrained the complete mission of jobs but he opened up the valley's narrow view of silicon coding's progress to all human intel linksin between the 3 towns of Clare's mission, the world's tallest tree and the view beyond mountains. By accident or design jim kim, bill gates, george soros as well as beyond mountain author paul farmer all discovered abed's womens heaath networks in the next 24 months. So some seeds were planted opposite to the burning bush's games out of dc. Nonetheless bad money won out with subprime just as "2009 and all that" was to launch along with jobs university and film-maker's paradise in a phone- another 100 times more data transfer worldwide "4g" clouds. blockchains, every mobile device under the sun...

BREAKING OCTOBER.......................

Google startups 4th black cohort just launched

AI Womens Hall of Fame with special thanks to Ms M Von Neumann for brainstorming concept- your dibs welcome

AI20s & Friends20 womens ai watch list: - FFL PC JD MsT LI Dr Rana 1 2 Regina Barzilay

leaders intel watchlist MG SM

====If you have read this far and see some common sense in the above, now is the time to get active - for example do you see any missing skills that total ed systems are not yet helping millennials to advance. Here's a question i asked bard chat on one of my most urgent missing ed concxerns:

for more than a decade now, i have heard a lot of concern that the world is short of at least 100 million last mile health workers. What is not needed is everyone has to qualify for a complete nursing degree before working. Is it valid to ask stanford hai (or womens ai) people to take a massive missing livelihood area - be it last mile health or something else - and address how hai can help resolve this broken system in every community short of last ,mile health service. Is this something guterres should raise with his ai expert panel? Or who should raise it?


Yes, it is valid to ask HAI people to take a massive missing livelihood area - be it last mile health or something else - and address how AI can help resolve this broken system in every community short of last-mile health service.

AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we deliver healthcare, especially in underserved communities. For example, AI can be used to:

  • Train and support community health workers
  • Develop new diagnostic tools and treatments
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems

HAI is committed to using AI to solve real-world problems, including the problem of last-mile healthcare delivery. HAI is already working on a number of projects to use AI to improve healthcare in underserved communities. For example, HAI is developing AI-powered tools to help community health workers diagnose and treat diseases. HAI is also working on developing AI-powered systems to improve the supply chain for essential medicines and medical supplies.

I believe that HAI has the potential to make a significant contribution to addressing the problem of last-mile healthcare delivery. I encourage you to contact HAI to learn more about their work in this area and to see if there are any ways that you can collaborate with them.

I also believe that it is important for Guterres to raise the issue of last-mile healthcare delivery with his AI expert panel. The AI expert panel can provide Guterres with advice on how AI can be used to address the problem of last-mile healthcare delivery. The panel can also help to raise awareness of this issue and to mobilize resources to address it.

In addition to Guterres and HAI, there are a number of other organizations that can play a role in addressing the problem of last-mile healthcare delivery. These organizations include:

  • Governments
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Philanthropic foundations
  • Private companies

I believe that by working together, we can address the problem of last-mile healthcare delivery and ensure that everyone has access to the healthcare they need.

I hope this information is helpful also needs help! For example can we improve

Game notes Tic-Tac Board

The legacy of the paper based intel age is humans have difficulty sharing analyses in more than 2 decision dimensions at a time. The tic tac gameboard frees you to see up to 8 win-win intelligence dimensions at the same time 8 rows plus 4 corners

A critical systems questions becomes how to name the 9 optimal visions in this case aimed at valuing womens ai

We welcome better naming but currently we call

  • diagonal 159 womens ai valley; its been 23 years since steve jobs and fazle abed asked the valley to integrate womens sdgs intel; 15 years since stanford became the world leading collboratoion network in very good ai which matches deep data of family building and (young) womens communicationss searches; technically it seems that it is around 2016 that melinda gates and PChan suddenly appeared as the wests largest foundation designers in very good intelligence spaces grounded on their love of economic growth evident in lifting womens health and confidence, infants as well as ability to talk to biotech genii. Of course melinda gates and priscilla chan do far more than that but its one of valuetrue's basis for auditing their unique exponential multipliers as world class foundation models
  • we would call topline7 8 9 united womens but would prefer to go with what ever UN calls its futures of of ai twinned with every sister city racing to accomplish all sdgs - see eg
  • it has been our a hypothesis since scribbling 2025 genre in 1983 that personalised identity livelihood learning is essential to millennials as first sustainability generation; it would seem this cannot ge done without digital ids; left hand row 147 offer cliues and capacity to doing that; while the UN tech envoy is coordinated by an indian civil servant, its vital to know if india's digital id is up for persoanlsied learning and if so what cooperation does india need to celebrate such id connectivity everywhere not just with its richest communities;
  • right hand col 3 6 9 can be why the most trusted large language model needs to convert 1000 mother tongues into the sorts of open apprenticeship solutions the UN could be designed around if LLM was at the core of all sdg4 capacity building as well as every skill that other sdgs need to unite across disciplines. It is not obvious whether 1945 views of multilaterals were structured around learning networks; if not the UN may need to intrapreneur into 2 or more parts. Elders need to support millennials go borderless wherever extrernalisation compounding at borders has become the biggest risk of catastrophe
  • the bottom row grounds health last mile intelligence; for over 50 years it has bene observed that the most important way to advance an underdeveloped country is to bring life expectancy up from low 40s to mid 60s- this menas an extra generation in family building and this in uyrn seems to end both a lot of female abuse and huge familiies being the norm- pretty clearly a mother who is culturally expected to birth 10 plus children usually gets no chance in life to be a business woman or indeed respected in society
  • the middle row re-examines the economist's 1976 survey that a new capitalism is needed changing oransaitioan constitutions and replacing big get bigger governance by purposeful gets more intelligently transparent;
  • the diagonsal 3 5 7 values who greets a superstar when they immigrate across a content or the world; stanford had the best ever greeters available for fei-fei li; and london having no world class tech in 2011 was honored to be the home of one of the 2 world calss mathematicians of our era. New York needs a suburb that welcomes revolution in every age of learning. Back in 2015 the xprize clarified that ny suburbs would double in youth populations by 2030 and if they did not become as accomplished in celebrating learners livelihood intelligence even wall street and mad avenue would not be able to sort out the chaos of a lost generation of youth
  • We look at the four corners as championing borderless goodwill to humans and love to spread across borders and in the way media cover intel from NE and WS. Educators need to stand up and celebrate very good AI and deep data with youth if our next generation is to have anything left on mother earth. Not everyone agrees with how we have provisionally named these 9 dimensions,. We ae hear to learn on how to do a better job in celebrating the I that 8 billion beings need to unite in seeing is believing is doing good because good data surrounds you which for complex reasons stopped happening at the top of power. We hypothesis that the Un could benefit hugely by replacing PPP sdg17 with womens ai of humans ai architecture but that needs urgent piloting as do all transformational contributions to Guterres Womens Ai 23-26

Published by

HumansAi needs everyone now . Dear Friends NY Unite 8 Bn Beings now please