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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

October 2023 AIGames asks you to help us Gamify best of human and artificial intelligence - let's start with the question von neumann suggested Economist journalists kept asking 1950 to 2030 so that first 80 years of engine type 6 resolved growth problems of first 5 types of engines so that 8 billion beings of 2030 all had a good chance of enjoying life on earth: who's intelligence is advancing humanity? -

we also play consequences games on gameboards-as simple as visioning 9 dimension on tick-tac toe-  do you have any substitutes for our current top 20 intelligence nomination to help UN achieve millennials as sustainability 23-24 greatest year ever for
womens lift
help Guterres turnround deepest un challenges
twiin a NY demo suburb with intelligence and neuroscience collected inside UN HQ
design 1001 language mediator of 1000 mother tingues and intelligence solutions
valuie most courageous servant leaders starting with last mile community life-saving services making lifelong learning thanks to chips now offering 10 transistors per being
foundation models of health for all can map ethics and deep data 
celebrating how peoples seize greatest cooperations now possible - climate and biotech
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