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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

singapore award omsad south asian diaspora, nus - isas

 The Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), an autonomous research body at the National University of Singapore, presented Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG, founder and chair emeritus of BRAC, with the Outstanding Member of the South Asian Diaspora Award (OMSAD). The honour was given at a gala dinner organised at the Shangri-La Hotel on Friday, November 15, in Singapore.

Manzoor Hasan OBE, executive director, Centre for Peace and Justice at BRAC University, accepted the award on behalf of Sir Fazle. Dr Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury, former foreign adviser to the Caretaker Government of Bangladesh and currently a principal research fellow at ISAS, read the citation of the award.

ISAS organised the event as part of its two-day South Asian Diaspora Convention 2019, concluding today. The theme of the convention is “Vibrant South Asia – Innovative Diaspora”. The Bangladesh High Commission in Singapore is one of the organisations supporting the convention.

Dignitaries from the governments of Singapore and other South Asian nations, academia, researchers and civil society and private sector were present at the gala dinner.

Gopinath Pillai, ambassador-at-large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, and chairman of ISAS, said, “Sir Fazle’s efforts in leading BRAC helped change the lives of many across the world. His contributions to social development and his life’s mission to help the poor serve as an inspiration to the South Asian diaspora and the society at large,” he added.

Past recipients of this award include former Singapore president late SR Nathan.

According to its website, the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) was established in 2004, as an autonomous research institute at the National University of Singapore. ISAS is dedicated to research on contemporary South Asia. It seeks to promote understanding of this vital region of the world and to communicate knowledge and insights about it to policymakers, the business community, academia and civil society, in Singapore and beyond

SHELF - safety health education loveq-leaders finance

book sampler

 2019 (8)
  • UNITS -university nature infrastructure tech sports 5 transformations needed to prevent middle income trap

a million people were killed 3 times in first 4 years of fazle abed's 50 years serving poverty alleviation-
  • million people killed in 48 hour cyclone 1970
  • million people killed in war of independence 1971
  • million people die of famine 1974
hence safety is the key value chain of brac - dimensions included resilient communities, local food security, personal safety as integral to empowering mothers and children-

basic to brac's bottom-up approach- maximising community skill building in every intervention- for example when sir fazle moved back to bangladesh 1972 with 16000 pounds from selling his london flat, the first project involved bottom up disaster relief- building tens of thousands of monsoon proof one room dwellings with pit latrines attached- in doing so unlike traditional relief agencies that come in fix a disaster and then fly out, brac saw hut building as organic opportunity to train villagers-from that day on look at every innovation in the community that brac evolves in terms of livelihood education of villagers as well as progressing family and community sustainability
.Health- between 1970 and 1973 sir fazle transitioned his life's purpose from shell oil regional ceo to bottom up disaster relief to serving in-community human development- from the moment brac -bangladesh rural advancement committee - turned to human development, fazle focused on village mothers and children because it was women who spent all their time in the village while young men were often sent to city or abroad to remit funds back to the village- what affordable health solutions in villages with no electricity could women living in the village operate to raise life expectancy from 40 to 60- fortunately this life expectancy question had 2 immediate types of answers - borlaug alumni had advanced local village crop science solution so that there need be no more famine nor malnutrition of infants during the first 1000 days- stunting stops not just an infant's bodily growth but causes her brain to underdevelop- thats why brac needed to design agricultural microfranchises that village mothers could operate; health solutions turned out to begin with oral rehydration - up to a quarter of under 5s died of diarrhea ; abed identified ten most basic village diseases that para-health workers could microfranchise then came nartion-wide immunisation all of these village needs, women villagers in south china nreded similar solutions- the miracle of a billion women villagers building a rural nation became a sino-bangladeshi pursuit through friendships sir fazle formed- basically this open source peer to peer networking of life critical knowhow

.Education - every stall member of brac i have met is an educator forst as well as often bring another deep functional expertise- oral rehydration became an education program that reached out to hundreds of thousands of villages all taught peer to peer; microfranchise solutions involved training to operate the franchise as a positive cash flow business- once mothers had started to thrive they united to demand brac build village primary schools for their kids- sit fazle's passion as a livelihood educator - brac's dna which he built around brazilian paulo freiere's pedagogy of the oppressed- led through all 50 years of abed's service to constant questioning of whee in the ducationage chain could brac partner next from pre-childhood to university; regarding primary and pre-primary schools brac became the largest non government supplier
    LoveqLeadership -exercise search for the quote in shakespeare that has the most meaning to you in the age of covid and livesmatter- free yourself to change one word if necessary
-related reference comparison of abed, mandela, gandhi

 - eg the quality of LEADERSHIP is not strained (note pope francis is on the money when he asks the eu parliament what is the intergenerational value of mercy but for many westerners leadership is a more common term that needs transformational re-examination wherever 21st c teachers study and curious students teach ).

Its sad but not a shock that the continent of americas and indeed any place dependent on it relationship with washington has become a highly risky lab for resolving corona and livesmatter) , i spent my 1980s helping mit collect a database with thousands of cases on what did societies around the world want from the biggest branded corporations. when a bad leader name of robert maxwell bought out our market modeling analysis, i turned to exponentially the biggest maths problem of local to global sustainability- what happens when analytic professions - eg accounting, insurance, lawyering, valuation, tax , business process engineering, intangibles) lose their hippocratic oath by making the biggest or most powerful their core clients instead of the publics whose trust gave them the monopoly to rule. since 1990 i have worked in world's largest ad agencies, accountants social media searching for the most purposeful collaborative and empowering systems and leaders- the sort needed to value frontline service workers, or resolve locally lives matter conflicts) instead of trying to convince you that fazle abed is the benchmark for valuing the fifth capital love as integral to the other 4 intellectual, social, human and monetary. we offer a handful of life in one-hour transcripts in his own words or those who linked in most deeply with women lifting up half the sky to innovated huge leaps with technology empowering the poorest or most abused which historically hum,d and continental asia became the lab for valuing/freeing poorest women rising partly because of how the top-down british empire ruled and naturally because without access to electricity brute force is key to survival of landlocked peoples, which through millennium 2 had also spun a collision of different faiths where quite frankly those at the west end of eurasia designed round a golden rule cause more short-term aggression and misjudgement than those osmosing natural consciousness and familial love
.Finance -if we dehine the deepest goal of the human race as - desiging a world in which every next baby born has a great chance in life then we need very community to be a thriving place to be born into- the simplest logic then suggests we need finance where most or all of the productivity of workers in the community stays in that community- we can see that is the core way in which a microfranchise service model differs from a macrofranchise one - more at the 5e's and the 5 depths of a local to worldwide economy

please note:
there is nothing more worthy of transparent research/understaning than a positive income business model provided 1 it is a multi-win model not one where one side is extracting from all the others evey quarter; also to be sustainable the model should be compounding no harm on anyone be that your places future generation (eg failure to address green issues just ahead of time) or peoples in other places

in the sense we have definded the human race's goal 1, please note all lives matter; in 2020 americans need to recognise the triple failure of their public servants and busines is constiution which 1 spun underclasses including black , latin and female ; 2 in which about 12 different components of health services were maximising profits not building last mile health services of all - with the absurd result of spending over twice other developed nations on health but with a system that wasnt gettin better or safer for more and more people; look too at americans biggest pharmas profits of 2010s these were coming from focusing on causing opiod addiction not preventing epidemics; there remains very little the younger half of the world can learn from americans on climate innovations because in spite of claiming to be the world's financial superpower this area has not been valued by politicians nor ameriuca's biggest energy companies; and as always when a nation spins non-sustinable big businesses the warning signs come in local communities typically those least connected with the harm some wealthy community was spinning

 a deep problem with all of the shelf "markets" as services is that customers who are not the poorest, not with least access to health or educaqtion, demand separation from those who face the most extreme sustainability challenges. for example in bangladesh one of the biggest challenges was how the less poor villagers had become the loan sharks or effectively slave owners of the poorest girls). for this reason brac had to create barefoot lawyers as well as barefoot bankers as wel as barefoot medics and barefoof teachers. 
the more fazle abed's life work is studied- the more his observation- at a basic level the poorest in humid villages across asia need similar solutions is evident - whether you try extending the microfranchise asw normal marketrs do, or you insist on random trial proof as fazle abed's work on ultra poverty has been acadically reseached- even getting acadeimncs a nobel economis prize

the obvious question is why didnt india adopt brac solutions especially those ones in village schooling that were based a lot on gandhi- montessor work of the 1930s; the answer is not realy about different faith cultures; it goes bac to the fact that when bangladesh started as a new nation in 191 it was so poor the government barely had enough revenues to serve the cities; if brac hadnt been their to support vilage networks from 1972 there would have been no vilager development at the same time that eg the chinese were applying the same american knowledge sources such as borlaug to end famine

over in idia by this time there was a quater of a century of inheriting the top down democracy structure that had been passed on by the british- in other words the fact thaty the indian government started with a budget for the whole country never gave bottom up india a chance to blossom in spite of this being the legacy gandhi had hoped his succession would value

as you can see if you cross-examine all 7 frameworks, the likelihood that any peoples faced by a deep sdg challenge could gain by saeing what benchmark abeed offers does not in iself resolve problems caused by a national constitution not being founded around all lives matter- rather than use some of fazle abed's most exciting innovations to keep making this point, this books appendix offers transripts - one hours in the life of fazle abed where you can see how he sequenced a next innovation and make you own assessment whtrher your nations legislature would have been legally supportive of such an entrepreneurial intervention

Saturday, November 30, 2019

5e's franchise effective efficient expandable electrify e-

after ten yoera of interviewing fazle abed and 45 years of market research for the biggest corporates in the world, i recommend two frameworks for valuibg how revolutionary and entrepreneurail fazle abed's approach was to human development economics and the business politics of multilareal aid and trade

the 5e's of microfrahising- if you live in the developed world you have probably heard of mcdonalds- it began when the mcdonalds family worked out in one location how parallel teams (5-8 people at busy times of say) could serve food fast, consistently 24/7, matching family's taste buds, affordably; they also worked out how to do it in 2 locations; but what made this a global business was replication to hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands. if you look at any service business team replication as well as property and supply chain is integral to market leadership potential as ensuring a positive cash flow model 365/24/7. however the reason a western corporation does this is not about sustainable community building. most if not all of the value the team serves does not stay with them or in the community but is extracted for the global owners. what makes abed's approach extraordinary- what if human development neds franchising solutions as focused as a global franchiser but where most or all of the vale produced stays the the front line servers and community building 

this is where the 5 e's come in- actually for the first 30 years of village development the first 3e's
effective does/solves what is needed
efficient- can never be bettered on cost and quality- relentless double checking that the solution is staying ahead of any relevant change 
expandable- as we have noted a franchise is just about one or two locations- nor can impatful poverty alleviation be- the first principle of fazle abed that i saw on 4 one hour videos of his lifework up to 2000 was - small may be beautiful but in bangladesh large scale is essential

the 4th and 5th e's only become relevant when you are helping people develop who for the first time can access electricity and can mobilise e- (digital)
-to understand why fazle abed always needed to explore the double loop of deeply local to humanly global we need to understand th5 market levels - on village, 200k vilages, national leadership, impacting the global market of aid and trade, playing in the worldwide or digital/virtual not just real world of compound goodwill

in more detail- consider the first 3e's

in asia the term villager means peoples without access to electricity grids or other commons utilities eg running water

two thirds of humans are asians and shocking even when western man raced to the moon in 1960s most of world's people still had no access to electricity -exact figures dont matter to appreciate the tranformational challenge the era of mainly 8 empires had trapped humanity in with 2 worldwars by 1945
half of people without electricuity were on asian continent
just over 10% of people - in africa
up to 5% in latin and central america
-add in some rest of world others and two thirds of human race hadn't yet access to what peoples in deveoped countries took for granted from the first 18 decades od nachines and humans-

from 1970 to 1990s networks of fazle abed empowering girl villagers only had the first 3 e's to build with- how fazle abed selected hi-trust partners to apply the coming of electricity by solar and e- by mobilephones requires detailed studies - eg what came first second third- why did each new partner see a win-win-win; how did poorest village girls networks ensure their sdg purposes never got lost in brac's brand architecture - more coming soon

in population terms bangladesh started as a top 10 country and the very poorest
miraculously for human development - continental south china )the nation with one fifth of human beings) had the same urgent village problems- over and over bangladesh and chinese village girls shared live saving microfranchises - they explored the 5 e's like no other network- bottom up empowerment coalitions are not political in the way western empires frame media and legislatures - it would be a pity not to learn from the gretest everr human development miracle just because no politcal party in your place has people who started with as little in life as the asian village girl of 1970- you cant really be authentic to metoo or lives matter advances of the human lot unless you are prepared to accompany a baby asian gir's introduction to mother earth

Thursday, October 31, 2019

VESTY -1960S top 5 solution spaces - for humn development/united nations

Village- eg alumni of american borlaug changed local crop science so billins no longer died of famine
Engineering smarter
Satellites & space communications -telecommute, telehealth, tel-educate, tele-finance, ... prioritise tech innovations for those previously left out of livesmatter in age of machine & human
Tech offering 100 times more analytic power every decade from late 1960s -moores law around which silicon valley born to free in 1972
Youth and real heroines can achieve mission impossible goals eg moon race if humanity cheers them on - imagine world series of earth races as exciting as moon landing -economist entreprenur-futures surveys 1972-1982 call forchande in legislation to value startup networking out of every place with a future

Monday, September 30, 2019

5g leapfrogs

what happened to humans in the last 75 years -2020 versus 1945
for alumni of fazle abed as poverty alleviator connector the crucial innovation times 1970-2020 which correspond to moore's 5g to 0g decades discussed below

for a lens that goes back to 1945:
 can we the peoples design a world in which each next child born has a great chance at life and livelihood. this is why nations met to unite at san francisco opera house 1945.Its a question that involves the design purpose of every market activity from health to education but seemed then and now to require tramsnational priority clarification on investment and on peace building. with extra 2020 twists on climate and viruses as potentially even more extinction-prone battle grounds as man made border disputes and the global threat of nuclear scientists and chemical weapons

because americans had kindly intervened twice to stop the old world from collapsing into wars, at san fran 1945 there seemed to be at least an english speaking understanding an understanding that the old world's empires .needed transforming- none more than britain and japan the two islands which had taken over how most lives were organised in asia and africa.over the first 18 decades since machines and humans had evolved out of 1760s glasgow university - first engineer watt, first new market imagineer smith - 

the majority of the world's people still had no access to electricity grids, therefore little chance to communicate in education ways, risks of poor health, urgent subsistence challenges.

 although the 1960s did not transform continentally poor asian-african-latin-an peoples lives much at village levels, .it is reported that the moon race decade waved optimism all over the world- maybe so no human mission will be impossible. what happened next - was there an entrepreneurial way rusing?

the majority of asians who were still stuck in one of 3 broken financial systems - either no banking for their needs, loan sharks or communism. the great news is during the 1970s hundreds of millions of asia girl empowerment possibilities began to be recognised - see the economist regional series on asia 1975-1977 with its summary one pager on rural keynsianism 

if we flip back to the 1950s 4 or 5 huge american inventions started to free the world- two were essential to asia and first tested out by japan ie village system solutions such as borlaugs green revolution crop sciences which improved a billion local peoples food security so that the 100 million asinsa who died of starvation up to 1974 turned that corner

demings esolutions for smarter ways to be enginners -in other words how engineers could be at the nexus of 1 humanising machine intelligence, 2 splitting up an industry whete a big organisation ruled over 2000 different psrts markets to sme supply chains just-intime coordinated by keiretsu or chaebol- the way that both japan and korea leapt into developed nations and capable of gselective global market leadership

the other 3 american cheerled innovations of 1950s
satellites and space ie revolutions in borderless communications which tv first took advantage of but which digital media would soon eclipse
100 times moore computational technology invented by von neumann but after whose deat was soon linked in around alumni of gordon moore and the branding of silico vally as the place that thought or invested ahead of 100 times moore

trusting youth netwrks to the grreatest goals ever set - after the moon race whAT NEXT

following moores law alumni lets call the decades of 100 times more computer analytica power
5g 2020s 2g 1990s 1g 1980s 0g 1970s

for those who started with the least in the1970s , as already noted, even first access to electricity grids was a while off but this means relentless question of timing matters-
eg suddenly around 1995 tech partners were bringing mobile phones and solar to test in a few villages -almost at the same time that rich people had access to these wherever they chose

the first use bangladesh and south china and african villagers made of text phone and solar offered many orders of magnitude catch up opportunities the richest could imagine - ie cashless banking and solar charged hotspots

at the same time by accident china's number 1 youth english languagre teacher jack ma was visiting usa for foirst time- by serendipity he had been asked to do translator work in seatlle- for the forst time an asian saw an american hi-tech experiment rollout from birth -ecoomerce amazon- unlike bezos who had fierce battles for funds with wall strret and hundreds of dotcoms, jack had about 10 years to search for partners in investing in his question - when ecoomerce and worldwide web and supertrains all conveger on china in 2005 - how can we maximise youth lives matter and livelihoods- so it was trhat the whole of the commercial worlds of e evolved totally differently out of usa and out of asia- fazle abed had retained 25 years of goodwill with chija's deepest end poverty workers- they made sure jack ma's teams monitored what yunus and abed parnerships did as the 5g to 0g decades crashed into the 4th and 5th e of microfranchising as well as the 5 most fundamental market sectirs of end poverty ie shelf

some learning curves to understand
quadirs in bangladesh from 1995
cellnet then mpesa use of blackberry in africa later united in bangladesh with abed pasrtners
neville willaims netwrks introduction of slar to bangladesh and rural china
partners of jack ma
how soros and jim kim found abed health solution circa 2000 and linked in gates by 2005
in 2008 when western fintech use colapsed in supbprime and credit card debt, jacks models were ready to help the start of the 2010s be the startup decade for chinese youth that american youth had dreamed the dotcoms could be back in 1998 - see eg

more broadly the whoe of asia started to have a choice of how ecoomerce , cashlees finance village lives matter wherever utility leapfroging can be intgrated at cintiental scale

what data is social, privatised, and private- this question started ton playout with blockchain- its still not been resolved because its deepest answer requires different consitutionns than big gov and big corporate spin - much od asia has the advantage of engineering blends of state capital- unlike the pathetiuc wining of those who lobby in brussels and washinbgton dcthis is how nations have always leaped forward in development- this economists and other professionals hire by buig interests to value opposite scenarios are not participating in sdg truth - see eg the 300 trillion dollars of westernnpenion money that doest yet see any sdg investment as asset grade

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

5er trading maps and 21st c sustainability economis

when competing or collaborating fazle abed was always enginneering 5 different levels of markets - nb what might look good short-term in one might be a cancer in the other- markets as systems are holnic

perfect franchise one village; adaptaion to leading solution across 200k villages; leading national value chain; leading a global market; leading a worlwide virtual market

adaptation to leading a national market and connection with all end-poverty solutions in this market
example over time brac has needed to design  finacial service solutions at all these leves
ulta poor - grant and training prior to being able to entreprenurialy apply microfimance
microfinance village community gtoups
city banking for vilage youth immigrants to city-eg daughter os the firstv generation village mothers
mercant banking needs for the poor - eg curency insurances
international network first to make  remittances lowest cost - one third of bangladesh foreign currency cone from remittances- throiugh which diaspoora sends mone offten to the poorest village family member acrss family trees whic have hundreds of living members- bracs international hq in netg=herlands is aklso needed 1 to fundriase globally for brac in bangladesh , 2 a bangladesh ngo cant work on ending poverty abroad- in other words to replicare brac learning abroad international funbd raising muyst be a fifferent audited system than brac's oridins servinbg bangladesh

virtual finance partnerships such as
professiomal assocition of most trusted purposel communty- centred banking models

Sunday, June 30, 2019


durinf his last decade fazle abed was often asked by asians nd a few wersterners- is it possible to design a lives matter place that botrh ends povery and prevents middle income traps

his answer was tto end middle income traps as well as SHELF  to valuye each nexg child born you will need transforamtive coalitions
Sports including asts and fashion models where value is owned by the younger half who produce these sectors not the erlders - in redesigning sporets also twin a whole new world of whom yout celebrates most

Friday, May 31, 2019

book sampler draft - What’s been happening to humanity over the last 75 years?
This book is dedicated to two men, and one billion poorest women[i].   their lives show that hi-trust hi-tech action networking can sustain our species, and even turn the 21st century into the happiest and most loving time for every life on earth. In 2020, marooned as we humans are by a natural virus, we seek in a small but enterprising way to unite optimistic rationalism
Humanity’s 7 wonders?
We offer seven frameworks which mediate both men’s experiential learning curves, and gravitational attraction to sustainability development goals[ii]. They understood the likelihood of opposite system endgames such as orwell’s big brotherdom or the concerns that Einstein and Gandhi shared if nations undervalued family driven community building. HG Wells identified the core problem : civilization is a race between education and catastrophe.
One man is my father norman macrae. He spent his last days as a teenager in world war 2  navigating airplanes in bomber command over today’s Myanmar (then Burma) and Bangladesh then the eastern end of the british raj’s subcontinent of india. Surviving that experience, optimism became dad’s password.  He flowed through the last class taught by Keynes at Cambridge, married the daughter of the diaspora scot sir kenneth kemp who wrote up the legalese of india’s independence then became the economist’s end poverty and tech futures sub-editor for 40 years. Norman wrote over 2000 leaders for the economist but it was 17 years before he was permitted one signed annual survey. Typically of norman: his first named survey in 1962 considered his old war time enemy japan[iii]. Much to the English establishment.s consternation, dad reported the future of ever smarter engineering has arrived in asia whose peoples can now rise and rise. Fortunately prince Charles was deputized to attend the Tokyo Olympics, his rapport with the Japanese emperor’s family and akio morita of sony changed European decision-making futures by asking japan”s Sony to inward invest in “my country wales”.
 Dad saw borders as where risks to our species are most likely to compound. While I have always dreamed that the bbc[iv] could discover public broadcasting world service’s unique purpose, its only David attenborough’s lifelong exploration of nature’s borderless dynamics that matches our demands for smart broadcasting tv.  Moreover,  Norman never stopped scribbling about the need to love each other’s children and map back from the future possibilities with joie de vivre[v] – his retirement included a Sunday times column, the biography of john von neumann and his last project preparing a small foundation to send English and Chinese female apprentice journalists to Bangladesh 15 times.
In Bangladesh  our apprentice journalists met both sir fazle abed and Muhammad yunus. Both are extraordinary people but sadly yunus forfeited his bank to the prime minister making it even more essential that fazle abed’s alumni networks grew to be the world’s largest coalition of NGOs. ( By 1972 the economist started a series of future histories imploring organizational legislators to identify a best of government and corporate networking terminology -that’s what Bangladesh rural women partnerships by designing foundations with positive cash flows did but the english mindset to this day does not yet seem to have advanced beyond NGO non government organization terms )
Luck in timing blended with diversity of context is needed to turn journalism into transformation knowhow worthy of  youth’s application as the next generation  -an exploratory quest dad catalogued at the economist in his signature genre of entrepreneurial revolution. Soon after norman’s death Glasgow university helped stage a remembrance summit[vi] guested by Muhammad yunus, and The japan embassy in dhaka kindly hosted 2 remembrance diiners to my father where sit fazle abed was both chief guest and moderator of 4 hours of brainstorming. He chose :
·         a project coalition he believed he had time to assemble – partners in cashless banking for a billion
·         and a project he told the Chinese and anyone who would listen that was both a dream and hopefully his succession pathway – middle income traps can only be prevented by a coalition of 100 new universities that value the sdg generation most and are distributed round the world so that all populations lives matter[1]
A device used in this book is that names in bold print indicate that a search of will provide a lot more contextual details on these humans contributions and alumni. We also ask for two kinds of support- corrections are welcome if we have missed any life-critical knowhow ; and if you search our web and find your favorite human source is missing, we’d love to know –

As I grew up in London of the 1950s/60s, I am eternally grateful for my life which would not have existed without the generosity of americans who twice saved the old world’s tri-continent and odd islands from global wars. But with hindsight I see that I too innocently believed in the American dream without understanding that systemically embedded the us constitution is also a living nightmare – that of being an underclass due to coior of skin, gender or other cultural minority[vii]
Its worth noting several limitations on English language education in the mid 20th century. Through my schooling the most advanced computational tool was the slide ruler. Additionally there was no curriculum of 20th century geohistory- perhaps the british establishment let alone its education profession could not agree what had happened. We were not for example informed that the era of empires had trapped nearly three quarters of the human race in poverty -rouhgly 55% on continent of asia , 12% Africa, 5% central and south America,  3% elsewhere without access to electricity grids or other utilities. Ironically I failed to chat about this with dad- responsibility for a weekly newspaper meant his mind was preoccupied six and half days a week

[iv] Futureofbbc youtube by norman macrae
[vi] The summit invited people from 15 nations to launch the journal of social business