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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 place ai begins to get serious in west as well as east

Under construction and  reaching out to various asian correspondents to see who they vote for as intelligences to have most advanced humanity from perspective of 2/3 humans living in asia - if you can help pls mail 

In 1990, world class brands started wrining about genre of bran architecture - the need to prevent greenwashing. Sadly, the next 25 years has seen far more greenwashing and fake media design than sustainability demands

The west left most of deed data science convergence of tech and data science to corporates- an extraordinary lapse (in spite of the rotten fincial position that subprime had created at start of 2009)  given 4g  frim 2009 started data beaming up and down data from every gps potentially the opportunity for great societal advantages and not just big profits to the handful of biggest digital companies eg amazon google apple microsoft facebook as well as specialist 3-services like uber bnb ...

conversely vision generative ai has requitred so much data collection that it could only be done by new models of open source all of which can most clearly be understood by who linked in out of stanford from 2009

 From UN announcement of sdgs in 2016 spet , two different things have happened - pro-youth intelligence on western leadership of humans ai has depended on connections around stanfird and maps which the UN has started with Guterres (2023 sdg hal time - all collapsing) in year 8 of seeking deep partnnerships - both the research on un2 which has aiforgood geneva itu at its epicentre from 2017 at its transformation epicente and egov rankings - countries liike estonia have made govtech their priority in terms of service as digital has progressed; they dont necessarily have the resources to do generative ai but they have forned citizens digital ids and clarified where gov eserrvices can logically be built; slovenia has also been an importamt player in celebrating ai professors

eastern intelligence leading humanity has become complicated - its often been mapped more round fintech edtech elearning sectors instead of the neural netwiork marths which then models most disciplines

 at ne time world economic forum, japans mayo son , some of the west'ds biggest funds leaders eg schwarzman, blookmberg...  looked well positioned but then trump and covid has made understanding of eastern ai difficult

some transparent clues can still be seen at aisingapore - like estonia but more resourced a place serious about egov

hong kong remains unique in connecting gaming solutions - see eg mr metaverse yat siu

overall the west coast connectors around stanfird remain well placed because a majority of engineers are asian and  so able to