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Monday, September 30, 2019

5g leapfrogs

what happened to humans in the last 75 years -2020 versus 1945
for alumni of fazle abed as poverty alleviator connector the crucial innovation times 1970-2020 which correspond to moore's 5g to 0g decades discussed below

for a lens that goes back to 1945:
 can we the peoples design a world in which each next child born has a great chance at life and livelihood. this is why nations met to unite at san francisco opera house 1945.Its a question that involves the design purpose of every market activity from health to education but seemed then and now to require tramsnational priority clarification on investment and on peace building. with extra 2020 twists on climate and viruses as potentially even more extinction-prone battle grounds as man made border disputes and the global threat of nuclear scientists and chemical weapons

because americans had kindly intervened twice to stop the old world from collapsing into wars, at san fran 1945 there seemed to be at least an english speaking understanding an understanding that the old world's empires .needed transforming- none more than britain and japan the two islands which had taken over how most lives were organised in asia and africa.over the first 18 decades since machines and humans had evolved out of 1760s glasgow university - first engineer watt, first new market imagineer smith - 

the majority of the world's people still had no access to electricity grids, therefore little chance to communicate in education ways, risks of poor health, urgent subsistence challenges.

 although the 1960s did not transform continentally poor asian-african-latin-an peoples lives much at village levels, .it is reported that the moon race decade waved optimism all over the world- maybe so no human mission will be impossible. what happened next - was there an entrepreneurial way rusing?

the majority of asians who were still stuck in one of 3 broken financial systems - either no banking for their needs, loan sharks or communism. the great news is during the 1970s hundreds of millions of asia girl empowerment possibilities began to be recognised - see the economist regional series on asia 1975-1977 with its summary one pager on rural keynsianism 

if we flip back to the 1950s 4 or 5 huge american inventions started to free the world- two were essential to asia and first tested out by japan ie village system solutions such as borlaugs green revolution crop sciences which improved a billion local peoples food security so that the 100 million asinsa who died of starvation up to 1974 turned that corner

demings esolutions for smarter ways to be enginners -in other words how engineers could be at the nexus of 1 humanising machine intelligence, 2 splitting up an industry whete a big organisation ruled over 2000 different psrts markets to sme supply chains just-intime coordinated by keiretsu or chaebol- the way that both japan and korea leapt into developed nations and capable of gselective global market leadership

the other 3 american cheerled innovations of 1950s
satellites and space ie revolutions in borderless communications which tv first took advantage of but which digital media would soon eclipse
100 times moore computational technology invented by von neumann but after whose deat was soon linked in around alumni of gordon moore and the branding of silico vally as the place that thought or invested ahead of 100 times moore

trusting youth netwrks to the grreatest goals ever set - after the moon race whAT NEXT

following moores law alumni lets call the decades of 100 times more computer analytica power
5g 2020s 2g 1990s 1g 1980s 0g 1970s

for those who started with the least in the1970s , as already noted, even first access to electricity grids was a while off but this means relentless question of timing matters-
eg suddenly around 1995 tech partners were bringing mobile phones and solar to test in a few villages -almost at the same time that rich people had access to these wherever they chose

the first use bangladesh and south china and african villagers made of text phone and solar offered many orders of magnitude catch up opportunities the richest could imagine - ie cashless banking and solar charged hotspots

at the same time by accident china's number 1 youth english languagre teacher jack ma was visiting usa for foirst time- by serendipity he had been asked to do translator work in seatlle- for the forst time an asian saw an american hi-tech experiment rollout from birth -ecoomerce amazon- unlike bezos who had fierce battles for funds with wall strret and hundreds of dotcoms, jack had about 10 years to search for partners in investing in his question - when ecoomerce and worldwide web and supertrains all conveger on china in 2005 - how can we maximise youth lives matter and livelihoods- so it was trhat the whole of the commercial worlds of e evolved totally differently out of usa and out of asia- fazle abed had retained 25 years of goodwill with chija's deepest end poverty workers- they made sure jack ma's teams monitored what yunus and abed parnerships did as the 5g to 0g decades crashed into the 4th and 5th e of microfranchising as well as the 5 most fundamental market sectirs of end poverty ie shelf

some learning curves to understand
quadirs in bangladesh from 1995
cellnet then mpesa use of blackberry in africa later united in bangladesh with abed pasrtners
neville willaims netwrks introduction of slar to bangladesh and rural china
partners of jack ma
how soros and jim kim found abed health solution circa 2000 and linked in gates by 2005
in 2008 when western fintech use colapsed in supbprime and credit card debt, jacks models were ready to help the start of the 2010s be the startup decade for chinese youth that american youth had dreamed the dotcoms could be back in 1998 - see eg

more broadly the whoe of asia started to have a choice of how ecoomerce , cashlees finance village lives matter wherever utility leapfroging can be intgrated at cintiental scale

what data is social, privatised, and private- this question started ton playout with blockchain- its still not been resolved because its deepest answer requires different consitutionns than big gov and big corporate spin - much od asia has the advantage of engineering blends of state capital- unlike the pathetiuc wining of those who lobby in brussels and washinbgton dcthis is how nations have always leaped forward in development- this economists and other professionals hire by buig interests to value opposite scenarios are not participating in sdg truth - see eg the 300 trillion dollars of westernnpenion money that doest yet see any sdg investment as asset grade