100 times more tech every decade has changed everything - see von neumann alumni; BUT which universities are helping you connect with people you(th) most need to sustainably co-create with; which not; we are moocs not used to celebrate 1 sdgs metaverse campus-more on broken systems from 50 years of billion women repairs abedmooc.com
While covid makes Asian networking a challenge, I mainly host meetings in ny (eg around Flatiron) or DC region or by zoom; i am interested in people who have a solution they want to mentor 1000 student community builders to apply; speed & scale- if app is really useful you soon get 1000 by 1000 alumni actions for sustainability -12 years ago my number 1 sdg hero started debating 100 times more effective universities and this matched my dad's life work at the economist so this is why- i now believe 1000 mentoring circles can be funded through NFTeds but only where endorsed by United Nations- could this fit with whatever you most want to share?? - more coming at www.alumnisat.com and friends' co-platforms of metacodes.comwelcome from chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Who do you learn from most? 40 years ago - I co-authored 2025report.com - searching for world's partners in sustainability. After 9/11 I nearly gave up until my friends and I came across Fazle Abed and a billion Asian women's work since 1972. After 15 trips to Bangladesh here's a catalogue of extraordinary partners in sustainability and transforming education..

Saturday, December 31, 2005

goals refugees ending genocide, forced displacement

in sept 2020 canada hosted a review of the first 15 years of rtp-responsibility to protect - the un humanitarian agreement in 2005 aimed at ending genocide, forced displacement etc

 with refugees being the highest ever 80 million it can be concluded that implementation of rtp has failed but a real protection coalition network is needed more than ever 3 regions contribute almost half of current refugee numbers but this is before covid and climate may spiral transnational migrations in yet unforeseen ways

bottom up organisations like brac are designed to help those who become refugees while hoping that top down powers will please work out multilateral rtp that works

you can see superb education and health service contributions by brac at the bangladesh-myanmar border

george soros sponsored brac to be there for post-genocide liberia- this nation had a superg female leader in part 1 of its turnround then became one of the places most hit by ebola through no fault of the people - without brac's presence liberia's 21st century story would have been a lot worse

george soros helped other last mile health genii - jim kim with paul farmer also connecting bill gates, brac and medicins sans frontier- if post genocide rwanda hadnt become kim/farmers main last mile teaching hospital in africa before the ebola ttagedy hell only knows what the ebola might have done

there are so many ways that the 2010s could have taught us that tech has now made us more connected than separated that the failure of america to maintain 2005 pleas by bush and gates among other of the urgency of 2005 starting up a world claition to mitigate future pandemics is almost explicable at every place where politicians could have helped we the peoples instead of burying themseles in hateful and fame media

there is no point studying sdgs if we cant call history's mistakes where and when they tipped in the wrong direction - 2005 seems a remarkably missed opportunity year - dont you think- please be clear absolutely absurd mistakes were going on at the top of the eu- but that is a story which goes back to why did every free western nation make so many mistakes in responding to the fall of the berlin wall- why wont those in east and central europe who wanted to be entrepreneurially free not treated by either eu or usa as if their lives mattered -go to soros sponsored university coalitions to review this in more detail