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Thursday, December 31, 2020

2021 fazle abed - greatest human i ever met - resilient community and other livelihood skills which came first at BRAC

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Personal computer networking's origin can be traced to 1984: steve jobs launch or mack-apple and bill gates scaling of microsoft software as the language of IMB and other personal computers. both men have suisequently admitted that they had litlle intelligence when it came to the deveoping world.
In early 2000s both rectified this before their next contributions to the world.
Steve Jobs hosting of 65th birthday party to fazle abed in silicon valey is particularly
 critical in opening up the valley's consciousness beyond its own hi-tech races.
It is reported that Steve Jobs family asked why cant the rest of the world apply the women empowerment solutions you have scaled over 30 years of bangladesh nation building. Abed asked whether everyone would support new university systems - with far more collaboration across graduates at least amongst those wanting to scale women empowerment intelligence and human development
Given that 2001 soon became the terrifying year of 9/11 and a decade of bad stuff was soon to engage american minds across the rest of the usa, its important to celebrate every way that californian education system never forgot the abed-jobs promises. Meanwhile some would say the only globally happy movement on the east coast (with 9/11 dot com collapse anthrax, wars .. subprime) was that jim kim paul farmer bill gates and sit fazle abed all connected with radical intel need so that the global fund could fight worldwide hiv, tb and malaria. It was tb that Bangladesh women empowerment had designed a world-leading solution too and how gates foundation discovered the deepest intel on how womens education built bangladesh out of the 8th most populous and poorest place of nation founding (1971)

Whenever we talk about womens intelliugnce real, or blened with tech its imporramt to double check solutions are reaching to the very poorest, the most tech disconnected. Its a sad fact that support which allevaite the poor but no t the very poorest actually harms the very poorest. This is analogous to saying Artificial intelligence may do good for some but be ignorant to those with deepest challenges if it has no access to their data


. 60 years ago nothing made my dad, norman macrae, happier than sharing with readers of the economist, solutions 3 billion asians were finding to end poverty- dad had a special reason for such joy- he had spent his last days as a teenager navigating planes of bomber command around today's myanmar and bangladesh- dad knew that the poverty across the majority of the human race -who are continental asians - had been the unintended consequence of british colonialism and the worst corporation english capitalism ever propagated the east india company implememter of eg slave trading and opium as a currency

1977 related ref Rural Keynesianism by
The Economist's end poverty sub-editor and first journalist of the internet's entrepreneurial revolution

Before my father Norman Macrae died in 2010, he set up a small legacy for mainly student female journalist to visit bangladesh to help journalise how women had been empowered to build that nation born in 1971 tenth most populous and 2nd poorest in the world

I was privileged to enjoy several meetings with sir fazle abed of brac- he was concerned because the nobel peace laureate muhammad yunus had his system confiscated by the government and quite frankly the way western educators and the microcreditsummit process launched (from 1997 onwards) by the clintons explained microfinance was in critical (systemic and exponential growth) ways the exact opposite of how brac truly empowered women to build the bangladeshi economy - far the largest girls empowerment system ever designed with the exception of China. Brac is the benchmark case at huge scale of how healthy and skills-educated societies grow a place across generations not vice versa.

Nowhere in the 75 years since world war 2 has there been a servant leader like Fazle Abed. Before dedicating 50 years to working with the poorest village women he had been the regional ceo for the shell oil multinational. Then at age 35 a cyclone killed half a million people all around him. He concluded that the oil business was meaningless compared with human development work, returned to london to settle up has affairs and to see his flat in Putney, and returned to bangladesh in 1972 with about 20000 dollars. Right from the start, Abed's idea was to maximise community capacity - firstly by peer to training of how to build the minimal village homes but in a way that would be monsoon proof and as far as possible cyclone proof. Because of his experience with global business he was trusted to organise bottom-up disaster relief processes local capacity building was different to the norm of a global relief agency flying in , doing the relief, and then flying out again. It also meant that BRAC's dna was always about skills training- its servant leaders did not see themselves as banker or administrators but coaches as well as inventors of microfranchise designs- the most effective and efficient way that villagers could make things or provide services including health and safety.

we visited bangladesh 15 times between 2007 and sir fazle's death in december 2019- to everyone he asked - will you form a coalition of hundreds of universities to be my legacy- a search we map at but it seemed to us something else needed journalising - his 5 decades merited 5 one-hour transcripts of a life in an hour of fazle abed - this co-blog aims to become such a repository -if you can help rsvp