100 times more tech every decade has changed everything - see von neumann alumni; BUT which universities and school systems are helping youth connect PRACTICE most needed for last mile sustainability everywhere children are born to sustainably co-create with; .
..Can humnas design a world in which each next girl born has a good chnace to thrive?Clearly this question was not the purpose of the white men from Europe who from late 1490s set out to acquire places -in new world America via old world Africa and Asia...Scot Adam Smiyh can be read as both the last person to ask this question in would before engines (moral sentiments 1758) and first 16 yeras of engines (advantage of nations 1776) . (Adam's first disappointment was that Scotlan's land of engineer was unable to join in an united states of english speaking freedom- instead america decalred indepndenc leaving Scots ruled by London. iN 1843, Lomdon Scot James Wilson founded The Economist to renew Smith's question - could queen victoria start desiging empire of commonwealth instead of one starving the Irish, stuntiing the peoples of India etc/.The centenary autobiography of The Economist in 1943 recognises that root cause of world war was the then G* most powerful nations had not been addressing this question: when the war ended in 1945 the UN was foinded to have another go at asking this question as well as to reboot advanced economies.It can be argued that about 75 years later, digital UN2 as advanced by Guterres (with quest for digital cooperation beginning 3 months before his 10 year appointment when educatirs reviewing the first year of sdg4 saw a system with no hope of most youth's inclusion- humans didnt not just need goals but transformation of systems connecting every community) Apps that share life critical knowhow multiply value in use unlike consuming up things. It beggars belief that essentially the same 8 empires that misapplied machines 1760-1939 have brought the world to the verge of extinction again by not valuing digital cooperation/learning economics even though we have had satellite coms since 1964 and von neumann 1951 briefed economist journalists on the world's most valuable question what (above zero-sum) good will peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade 1930s to 2020s....You don't even need hi-tech to see how a billion asian women ended rural poverty 1972-1996. At fazle Abed's 80th birthday party a tent went up at brac's car park in dhaka with 5 subspaces - each was like a waxwork's stiry of a decade of progress so you couild see what added to what in what sequence (figures were actually made of paper mashier. We have filed the journey of the 30 greatest cooeprations womens webbed to end extrreme poverty here. Lets hope it reminds those lucky enough to be at the edge of every hi-tech under the sun that the most valauble purspoe (indeed all sustainability goals) needs to go deep into maos blueprinted by hand. Otherwise an algorithm is only as usful as what data it excluded. Abed died decembere 2019 just before guterers started to ask will un2.0and ed3 get digital cooperation right or are we condeming the younger half of the world to be the first extinction generation.What would you do if you were a young economic journalist who had survived his last drays as a teenager as a navigator in allied bomber command burma campaign and in 1951 you meet von neumann in princeton and were instructed on the biggest journalistic scoop ever - train economic journalists to ask what peoples want to do with 100 times more tech every decade 1930s to 2020sI can tell you what my dad norman did, and some of his followers. Dad really liked Kennedy' two sixtoes challges: moon race mostly because staellite telecoms could one day connect all being to share life critical knowhow; and interdepence of a triad of human development - about a tenth out of atlantic 2.0 (ie america) about a tenth out of atlantic 1.0 west europe - over 65% out of pacifi ocean with perhaps 15% yert to identify which coastines to access world trade from (80% being shipped); meanwhile dad spent hos 1950s listening to what peopels wanted - eg as only journalists at borth of eu messina 1955; aged 39 the economits let dad sign one surbvey a yera so 1962 he chose peoples of japan and asia Rising; 1963 peopels of Russia; 1964 brazile and latin america...1969 rainbow alliance of usa;from 1972 dad was alarmed that nixon had taken dolar off gold standards - so he addeed in 40 year future survey focusing particulary=ly of new tech of finance, education and health; by 1976 romanno prodi was joining in translating the entrepeeuirial revolution worldwide communities would need... and from 1884 dad and I tuirned 40 yera futures into a book form - 2025 report listing sustainability deabliens and probable best first and last chnaces to globally and locally brainstorm solutions - of course alumnisat needed to bring down costs of millennails universities to near zero - the opposite of making colege studnts the biggest debt class.While covid makes Asian networking a challenge, I mainly host meetings in ny (eg around Flatiron) or DC region or by zoom; i am interested in people who have a solution they want to mentor 1000 student community builders to apply; speed & scale- if app is really useful you soon get 1000 by 1000 alumni actions for sustainability -12 years ago my number 1 sdg hero started debating 100 times more effective universities and this matched my dad's life work at the economist so this is why- i now believe 1000 mentoring circles can be funded through NFTeds but only where endorsed by United Nations- could this fit with whatever you most want to share?? - more coming at www.alumnisat.com and friends' co-platforms of metacodes.comwelcome from chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Who do you learn from most? 40 years ago - I co-authored 2025report.com - searching for world's partners in sustainability. After 9/11 I nearly gave up until my friends and I came across Fazle Abed and a billion Asian women's work since 1972. After 15 trips to Bangladesh here's a catalogue of extraordinary partners in sustainability and transforming education

Friday, June 17, 2022

Amazing 2 playing pieces of UN are 77 years young

 The world's number 1 debating chamber gifted the United Nations out of New York; the international telecommuting union hubbed out of Geneva

what if the purposes of these 2 pieces is to unite life opportunities of 8 billion humans likely to peak at 10 billion if nuclear, virus or carbon devilry is not to extinguish our species

Let's first clarify the different roles of New York and Geneva - strangely we then need to map why they had never fully supported each other until in year 2/10 UN leader Guterres asked them to - see digital roadmap UN2.0 now in year 5/8 of his leadership responsibility

new york mediates the greatest conflicts;

my father who served as teen navigator allied bomber command burma made this shortlist of United Beings' mediation challenges that Economist-journalists and readers were invited to linkin from 1948.please improve it:

design the future so that never again 2 mad men are ruling on opposite world war sides of 8 most financially powerful nations ie 1945 representing less than one eighth of people but 90%of  monetary currencies ( at world war 2 ,the two lunitics were hitler and stalin; 7 0f the G8 money ruling nations were dominated by white legislatures and faith systems:

two roofs to the world: Stalin's Russia and Canada (storing most of the world's energy)

2 pesky island UK and Japan

4 countries all with capitals north of the tropics where most people live and Japan excepted completely focused on wealth of atlantic trade - in old world europe FIG -France Italy Germany; and new world USA

reboot the 8 most industrialised economies but design media to celebrate every way that old colonial and or armed genocide powers must in mid 20th C give back (economistaid.com) to the 75% of peoples in places that had been left out of using engines 1760-1945 eg no electricity grids and whose natural resources and (sometimes peoples through  slave trade )had been extracted to compound the 8 empires benefits from top down;;indeed the 8 could be mapped in 1945 as leaders of a wider club of just over 20 including another 12 smaller white Euro nations eg Portugal Spain Belgium Netherland Luxembourg Switzerland Austria Sweden Norway Denmark Finland  Hungary (we might include others like Iceland (key arctic circle: include admin of greenland as well as the joint climactic interests in the whole of the arctic) 

with several more keys now that suez canal linked oceans of med to asia pacific Greece Turkey lebanon Israel as well as several then commonwealth territories eg Australia New Zealand and S Africa in South and eg Greenland in North But in total people benefiting

NB while some peoples in above places had progressed up to 200 times beyond susbsistnce level due to macihines started in Glasgow 1760s; at bit=rth of UN this advance was only freeing less than quarter of beings to develop

..having serbed in ww2 dad was fasniated by ny un from the get go- as ateen he was fasnaied by bbc radio (tv) had they served the people in warning aboutb hitler and stalin ahead of time; they cerianly hadnt shared the info he knew by being home schoold until his teens in british emabassies particulary stalin's moscow; by 1951 (coincidentally wjhen i was born) he was seconded by The Econom,sit to New York for a year.....there he met von neumann princeton 1951; von neumann to,kd dad to share the greatest scoop journalists would ever have - what to do with 100 times more digotalisation tech per decade typically comouting (IR3) and telecomputing deep data AI (Ir4)- within 5 years of vo neumanns death dad was please to report connections between princeton , yale first AI lab MIT, digita twin AI lan stanford- and aged 39 in the first anjnhual survey he was permitted to sig- hi tech tokyo and the coming of multi-win trading coastal belths capitals seoul taipei hk singapore; in addition the japanese reported to dad that thanks to borlaug their vilage farmers could ne=ow produce over 5 times more rice than they had previously known- open souring this knowhow would be critoac to all asia rising- youi can see dad's asia survey to 1977 at teachforsdgs.com; youi can see his virtual brainstorming with JFK and Japan here; dad continued to mentor any journalist he could in asking about 100 tiems more decade; he becamse the boiographer of von neumann ; and in his last 7 yeras 33-40 at teh economist he started publishing with methe 2025 report with expoenetial deadlines to youth's sustaimability or extinction

NFT-eds speed & scale: 100 times more efficient university graduation of sustainabilitys lead graduate collabs-john , jeanne can i urgentl,y check with you-does this make sense?- back in 2011 one of my fathers remembrance parties was hosted at japan embassy in bangladesh - the debate how new university including one begun in 2001  billion poorest asian women could research and scale last mile service community solutions that at least 10 million families needed to resolve sdg crises- at ;last mile community service levels-specifically how to train graduates to distribute that solution as well as be successful busiiness people - i believe in the right mindsets eg jeannes nft-eds is whats up - for example there are some solutions that you might start up at a ticket price of 100 dollars per student across 1000 people through virtual delivery platform- the first cohort who go on to also mentor or distribute to others; now of course ticket price and number in first cohort vary - but i also believe the UN needs to search where across all its op branches does it have a goal solution that could fit this model and of course i would prefer you two to be the master curators of all those solutions as well as jeannes pioneering solutions impact on metaverse - flash survey next people to check idea with: if I sent it out to one person this weekend it would be the female =host of 100 ed3 nft producers who's hosting tuesday evening session mile from john in the region of new york that has googles headquarters   - i am putting more of this idea at www.alumnisat.com but that will take the weekend to improve- originally what we discussed in 2011 was supposed to be soros open society foundations contribution out of new yprk state led by musician and vice chancellor leon botstein but it's not happened!- back in bangladesh so far they have added 2 new movements play schools and ultra poor - sadly the 2 biiggest tech ideas the japanese helped brainstorm in 2011 have not yet been linkedin

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