100 times more tech every decade has changed everything - see von neumann alumni; BUT which universities are helping you connect with people you(th) most need to sustainably co-create with; which not; we are moocs not used to celebrate 1 sdgs metaverse campus-more on broken systems from 50 years of billion women repairs abedmooc.com
While covid makes Asian networking a challenge, I mainly host meetings in ny (eg around Flatiron) or DC region or by zoom; i am interested in people who have a solution they want to mentor 1000 student community builders to apply; speed & scale- if app is really useful you soon get 1000 by 1000 alumni actions for sustainability -12 years ago my number 1 sdg hero started debating 100 times more effective universities and this matched my dad's life work at the economist so this is why- i now believe 1000 mentoring circles can be funded through NFTeds but only where endorsed by United Nations- could this fit with whatever you most want to share?? - more coming at www.alumnisat.com and friends' co-platforms of metacodes.comwelcome from chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Who do you learn from most? 40 years ago - I co-authored 2025report.com - searching for world's partners in sustainability. After 9/11 I nearly gave up until my friends and I came across Fazle Abed and a billion Asian women's work since 1972. After 15 trips to Bangladesh here's a catalogue of extraordinary partners in sustainability and transforming education..

Monday, June 20, 2022

questions forgood

 1 Betwen 1758 & 1492 what happened to maths of M: Money & Morals and N:Navigation & Nature? my feeling is newtown & adam smith are worth reading bnut sadly there were a lot of bad traders - eg slaving or genociding

2a so what happened 1865 to 1760 when engineering started up out of glasgow led to power of engines and then electricity and the birty of the telgraph;  well we can see that by 1776 usa repelled the euroepan empires which redoubled efoorts to take over asia and africa with machine power; then electricity introduced a second revoltion - the telegraph as forerunner of all telecommunicatiosn seemd bening - it focused on most iurgent life critical newsd; fortuantely Bern in swizerland becamse the world hub of international telgraph ujion  1865; this wwas trasnfered 1946 ti geneva as swiss branch of the Un and was by now called intenataion tecommunications union; one of the intersting things about this union is its component parties need to colaborate - nobody wanted the wo0rld to have 2 rtelegraph or 2 telephone or two radio or tevision broadcasting systems; so even as we can debate did message on the airwaves change from urgent truthes to bullying people withy PR vested interest miss information - the seeds were there at the ITU to help the rest of the UN if one day oit was decided intel could sustain instaed of end the world - see 2017 transcript fort 49 pages of when Geneva itu asks UN Ny if oit can help support sdgs newtorking bu hmanisting AI for good

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