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Friday, October 8, 2021

Valuing every person as skills mentor and student 4.1 4.5

 update from erun mariam bracie - at yidan cambridge ocober fest for education

back in 1972 brac's roots started in a community of 100000 people with next to nothing- their homes had been flattened as they were an easy target in paksitan's army attempts to punish bangladesh people for wanting independence -fazle abed had put his life savings into rebuilding the humes nut wht next?

their region was far from electricity grids or telecommunications or any engineering infratstructure

over 50 years this has meant that some of brac's greatest strengths as it  collaboraton and parterships scales from one region to another draw on its orgins and feature such components as

food and last mile health service business training of adults particularly young village mothers

once a maternally-energised entrepreneurial community has earned enough income they have repeatedly asked brac to bring girls education -

 within 10 years of brac ruarl advancement brac started building the largest non government schooling susyem - focused on primary village schools; in abed's 30th yera he started university as a platform ; the first new to the world innovation of brac university was an masters in early childhood- there are at least 2 huge multipluers of that focusd- refugee early childhood services offers the greatest challenges to educators - how to deal with 3 yera old kids with mental health problems; conversely worldwide early choldhood is the biggest missing schooling system -

 for thoe places who beleive investment in children is the greatest asset, this is the greatest market opportunity aligned to celebrating youth as the first sustainability generation- aroumd the world there are at elast 100 million good jobs to create with early chldhood and last mile mental/physical health= whats important is to understand the lowest cost good early childhood school susitable for any place- in 90% of early childhood schools - what the west used to call montessori style sustem - where one teacher in one room coaches 20 kids of ages 3 to 6 to help each other in action learning and joyful celebrations - eg sitting in circle singing songs-its realy iportant that play materials are developed by the lowest cost but happiest ecp system a particular place offers - brac's world centre for this has great partners from its own university roots to yidan prize to lego to cambrdge jesus college; in fact the historic under-representation of research in thsi area means that most pioneers of happuestb early childhood know each other 

 nb because of brac's metavilage origins it is quite feasible for doznes of early childhood schools to be within 10 minutes wlk of each other - so while one teacher being responsible tor a classroom of action learning kids may sound a lot - she has lots of neighbor teachers to share ideas with and usually brac overall vilage services will offer one shared mastercoach per dozen schools - thsi has been particularly important during covid whereb the mental health chalenges for teh etachers have been as great as that of teh childred or the parents ; all of this sis ssuatined by 100% community cuture of rural advancement over 50 yerrs

we can extraploate a 21sr nation or region needs to rause all its communities happiness /safety; the ability to celebrate early childhood schooling is a lead indicator of the community ssutanability and economic morality

women community building solutions through business

valung missing connections refugees need to start up again - nb exciting possibilies in 2021 as gordon brown and dubai unite all un branshes concerned with livelihod training if refugees

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