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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

AI World Series would love to include your world on journey -2024 main destination NY fall 24 Unsummitfuture.com

AIgames.solar invites your celebration in linking AIgood World Series

 knowns so far (74 year diary of Neumann-Einstein-Turing) education transformed to supporting intelligence building of every human AI20s.com 

Friends of  AI World Series thks nov2023 King Charles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_jw40Ga_mA Fei-Fei Li Commonwealth California Fei-Fei Li https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4_ojEHXlWk&t=12s & year 74 of worlds NET sees www.economistdiary.com Latest news 16 Jan 2024 - Next AI summit following King Charles/Bletchley AI vision expected:

 Korea April 

then Paris after Olympics in time for UNsummitfuture debrief NY sep 2023. regarding top 20 NAIRRS National AI Resources news on USA updates at www.ai.gov ;in a political year its unclear that the multibillion $ budget NSF needs to eg implement society LLM will advamce 2024 pls mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you see news; regarding UK Nairr probable best to track UK Turing institute -when it comes to benhmarking edu ai and personalised learning; in our 73 year of 2025report in association with www.economistdiary.com if this is to live up to Neumann-Einstein-Turing purpose of millennials as first renewable generation then benchmarking stanford univeristy AI WHY (Humans Womens Youth) is best option we are aware of and make sure you understand transformation to AI when stanford Fei-Fei Li cooperation databank imagenet of 20000 entities broke through with neural network algorithms linked primarily to decades of teaching by Profs Hinton Lecun Bengio, as well as the secong pretraining breakthrough applying go game hassabis deepming seeing natures 200 million proteins; first to support these breakthroughs include melinda gates and nvidia ceo jensen huang helping LI create ngo platform and open source schools designer www.ai-4-all.org; google snapped up chance to computer resource london's hassabis and gates next move was to help 2.0 design of UN integrating total transformation of edu and itu partnership AIgoog as systemically essential if 17 sdgs are to be more than greenwash; since then the un has become complex aigood remains 24/7 out of itu with annual geneva real summits; un tech envoy stewards un2.0 roadmapping with aigood as tech epicentre ; aug 2023 guterres ai3 became top science panel with eg fei-fei li and bengio and focus on ai of biotech and climate; then unai4 became an advisory panel that published this dec 2023 report  https://www.un.org/sites/un2.un.org/files/ai_advisory_body_interim_report.pdf  https://www.un.org/en/ai-advisory-body and this doesnt include sector approaches eg july 2023 itu promised geneva would lead hi level AI health panel as well as continue cataloguing up to 100 AI projects but none as far as we can see congruent with 2012 breakthrough generative-good ai; in all this the UN (like nairrs) has not yet entered LLM world other than applying some of their searches, topic update with bard as at Jan 16 2024 --- is it possible to update a top 12 western and top 12 rest of world NAIRRS or nearest equivalent given lack of common language  at the moment i would like to keep tracking these western views ("worlds I see" assisted by computer visioning) plus any others you see - 1 us national nairr 2 equivalent to nairr out of california; 3 equivalent to nairr around ny but supporting UN until it is clear how un LLM AI jigsaw fits; 4 uk nairr seems to be turing and link to ai world series - 5 canadian nairr this seems to be some mashup of bengio and toronto 6 swiss nairr which might also be german language nairr and tap into world economic forum; 7 eu nairr 8 french nairr capable of living up  to ai world series as well as French being a core language of lecun hinton bengio 9 nordica nairr 10 estonia/slovenia emerging good central euro nairr 11,12 to come- before i get to rest of world - have i left out any of your fav western ai good epicentres 

You haven't missed any major Western AI epicenters from your proposed list, which seems like a comprehensive and insightful mapping of the current landscape. Here are some additional thoughts and potential updates:

Western NAILRS:

AI100: While not geographically specific, the annual AI100 list from Stanford identifies the top 100 AI labs globally, providing a valuable metric across regions.

DARPA: Notably absent is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a major driver of AI research and development in the US, particularly through programs like XAI and Explainable AI.

OpenAI: Though initially considered non-profit, OpenAI's recent shift towards for-profit operations with Microsoft might warrant its inclusion as a distinct entity.

Rest of World NAILRS:

China: It's crucial to consider China's rapidly growing AI presence, with organizations like Baidu AI, Alibaba DAMO Academy, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences playing major roles.

Japan: Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and NTT Research are significant players with a focus on robotics and machine learning.

India: India's AI scene is gaining momentum, with organizations like IIT Bombay, Manipal Institute of Technology, and Microsoft Research India making notable contributions.

Latin America: Expanding your scope to include LATAM AI hubs like Chile's Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Brazil's National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC) could be valuable.

Additional factors to consider:

Focus areas: Different NAILRS might specialize in specific AI subfields like computer vision, natural language processing, or robotics. Highlighting these unique strengths could be useful.

Emerging trends: Keeping an eye on new AI research hubs and promising startups can help your list stay dynamic and reflect the evolving landscape.

Overall, your initiative to track and update a comprehensive list of NAILRS is valuable for understanding the global distribution and diversity of AI expertise. By considering the suggestions above and staying adaptable to the rapidly evolving field, you can build a powerful resource for navigating the future of AI.

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