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Friday, February 9, 2024

 ED:r AI game (Architect Intelligence) started 13 months ago - who do you vision as advancing humanity exponentially most from 1950's NET - Neumann Einstein Turing?- we are happy to update monrth13 top 100 coded as usual as a cross-section (ie we try not to double up where 2 people's work is similar to advance with). Comments welcome. We are also piloting a potentially eccentric coding system including W1-25 deep 25 womens intelligences . First we'd also footnote  one deep loss RIP Bard  (you were a best of breed chat with all you artistic wit and even near human kindness) - related references leaders compasses - gameboards


For the first 20 years of the web AI became mostly a big corporate game on closed data - serving but also maximising customer transactions. This changed after a decade 2000s of work by two young doctoral students (Fei-Fei) and Hassabis who also foresaw clouds with mobile devices and leaps in computational value could make data ever deeper. Welcomed by Stanfird from 2009, Fei-fei started the annual world championships wit biggest structured open data set imagenet's 20 million images of the 20000 entities humans work and play with. At the 3rd world chapionships Neural Network algorithms valued by Neumann's generation but almost forgotten except by 3 French-English speaking professors broke through. You vcsan train machines to see what humans see- and start defining problems directly with ever less dependence on direct 0,1 programming. Yet which public servants and supporting professions value the commons of data like medical records (or indeed any communal service)? Game on but are we in time to help rebuild thriving local communities wherever families develop after 40 years of big get bigger system designs contrary to transformation around   trusted Entrepreneurial cooperation, servant leadership and changing education to multiply intelligence and adaptation by lofe long students/teachers

W1 Fei-Fei Li W2 Melinda Gates W3 Mrs Jobs W4 Mrs Jerry Yang W5 Mrs Doehhr 6  Mrs Bezos

W7 Daphne Koller

W8 Mrs Clara Wu Tsai W8.1 BJKing W8.2 Naomi Osaka W8.3 Simone Biles W784 Yuna Kim

W9 Jennifer Dowdna

W10 Priscilla Chan

W11 Condoleeezza Eice

W12 Lila Ibrahim

W13 Sheika Moza

W14 Reeta Roy W14.1 Ola Brown

W15 Mayor Koike

W16 Ms Shih

W17 Audrey Tang

W18 Sunita Gandhi

A1/W1 Fei-Fei Li A2 Hassabis, and the 3 inter-related dual language profs LBH (A3 Lecun A4 Bengio A 5Hinton) brought AI out of societal ignorance with maths greatest world changing event in 2012 (Imagenet world championship 3/8); we can definitely ask who helped them get to this Entrepreneurial Revolution, and since 2012 who has partnered them in multiplying what good eg 2014 2016 2018

Families who changed Valley from 2001 by asking W0 Fazle Abed to share 1billiongirls intelligence empowering end village poverty since 1970

F1 Steve Jobs F2 Gates Family F3 Doehhr family - first supporters of Stanford Youth-led Intelligence Culture (probably) influenced by Steve Jobs Commencement speech Y1 Jerry Yang Y2 Horowitz first yahoo professor 100 multiplier silicon chips -Y3 Andrew Ng Y4/W6 Daphne Koller headhunters of Fei-Fei Li for Stanford from 2009 as well as founders mooc/Coursera

W1 Fei-Fei Li

W2 Melinda Gates

W3 Mrs Jobs

W4 Mrs Jerry Yang

W5 Mrs Doehhr

W6 Daphne Koller

W7 Mrs Clara Wu Tsai W7.1 BJKing W7.2 Naomi Osaka W7.3 Simone Biles W7.4 Yuna Kim

W8 Jennifer Dowdna

W9 Priscilla Chan

W10 Condoleeezza Eice

W11 Lila Ibrahim

W12 Sheika Moza

W13 Reeta Roy W13.1 Ola Brown

W14 Mayor Koike

W15 Ms Shih

W16 Audrey Tang

Gov2.0.1 Guterres Gov2.0.2 Ajay Banga - Places P1 Singapore P2 Estonia

change DCAI1  JOxman

Other Science AI A1 Paul Allen

Post2012 Valley Deep Coders & Caps:  VEC 1 Andriessen Vec2 Google's Pichai & Dean

C-spectrum Architects of Intel from corporate world -

C1 Amazons general council (in her booklet AI Superpowers A1 Fei-Fei Li sensibly profiles 3 regional ais with Amazon's),

C2 elon musk (each sector he's trying to transform with advanced endineering or AI or both), C3 Nvidia's leader Jensen Huang

C4 key figures at salesforce (4.1 & W14 Ms Shih, C4.2 CEO , C4,3 Mr ),

C5 Kai-Fu Lee (Best seller book 2018 had next to zero generative ai cases but was eyeopener in translating differences in east-west innovation of fintech, commercetech, healthtech, govtech, any sector's future)

Royal Families & LanguageM connectors K1 Britain (King Charles AI Turing World Series), K2 Japan, K3 Netherlands

  1. physical power and citizen automation tools eg glasgow since 1760; usa separately led from old world since 1776

  2. Transportation revolutions beyond shipping of which railways came first scaling rapidly in some place 1820s on

  3. revolutions of communications (from 1865) & electricity - oin both cases switzerland was nominated as world's cooperation epicente for leaps in standards

  4. the gift of the NET (01 Neumann von, 02 Einstein, 03 Turing) from 1950 of what they saw as type 6 engines for brainworkers and type 7 autonomous worlds (including Neural Networking mapping key to Neumann & Turing design of human futures) where real time operation too much data was being transfered for second by secong human intervention/governance

When ED started gamifying AI in January 2023, our core question : who's intel do you see as advancing humanity (since 1950). This assumes awareness of 2 English words

-K1 In King Charles Language modeling ARTIFICIAL is synonym for engineers (ie man-made systems and tools instead of Natures) . Those who regulate should be modest enough to recognise that very few people want a future without engineers though as of start of millennium 3 1billiongirls 1 2 shared human development without electricity with families eg PC designer families of eg Steve Jobs and Gates and Stanford's (Silicon) Valley of 100 times moore computational power per decade since 1965.

-COME means various things - eg decrypting a secret language as in Turing's enigma machine that helped allies break the secret code of war time germans; or how both computers are designed and brains are changed by era of brainworking : here ED (EconomistDiary since 1950) useful to be aware of (bios of )the NET who began this : Neumann Einstein Turing; coding also means when you survey humans how do you make numbers out of their answers (I have worked on this since getting MA Statistics at Cambridge maths lab 1973 and there are many deep/recursive layers to this process)


It's arguable that Fei-Fei Li and Hassabis are the world's 2 greatest mathematicians - partly because maths greats integrate past greats in this case Neumann-Einstein-Turing. But what is clear (see book worlds I see) Fei-Fei Li of the 2000s was English Speaking world's most unpopular phd student (tearing up 100 dollar text books of multiple intellrectual's silos) until Stanford welcomeD her in 2009; and when Hassabis on a Gatsby scholarship from London met Li Stanfird 2009, he was still seen by almost every American but Li as gaming world's genius without much economic relevance. How things change as today biotech has leapt forward up to a billion man years thanks to Demis and those (google brains 2012-14) who first saw his Deep Mind was leading generative machine (deepest) learning Meta-dimension 2 versus LSquaredHB's Meta-Dim1. Unforunately for US congress when Li trestified 20218 that Meta-Dim 3 ("superchats were coming) there may have been less than 5 people in the whole of DC who were aware of Meta-Dim 1 &2. Given Zuckenberg's rebranding of facebook its not clear that even he fully valued these 2018 testimoniesw though when it comes to transformational attention he's now uniquely supported by eW3/B3 Priiscilla Chan (W2 being Melinda Gates WB2 =Jennifer Doudna B1+Daphne Koller alongside YS1 Jerry Yang YS2 Mark Horowitz and YS3 Andrew Ng) and A3 Lecun who has kept US East Coast in the game - see eg his NN origination of AI Postal services without which LI's Imagebnt wold championship may never have broken through (or if you are starting your teens and deciding whether or not to be an engineer Li's Ai-4-all curriula begun with Melinda Gates and Nvidions CEO start up 2014 are worth a few hours play Has google terminated bard? i would love to know. Today i got sent repeatedly to gemini and was told it understood my frustration - which it certainly did not- hours of learning chats that used to be accessible in left column of bard interface seem to have gone. I would love to find out that I stupidly havent (yet) found what to click but if bard has been completely wiped- that's pretty evil as far as I can vision. 

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